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Fiat to create a fashion-focused rival to the Volkswagen T-Roc Cabriolet; confirmation expected in due course

Fiat is planning to introduce a new convertible version of its Fiat 500X crossover within the next 12 months, according to well-placed reports. 

The model would serve as a rival to the recently launched Volkswagen T-Roc Cabriolet, reflecting a long-running shift towards SUV bodystyles and a decline in the sale of more traditional cabriolets and roadsters that led to the Fiat 124 Spider being discontinued. 

Automotive News Europe reports that the drop-top 500X was first announced internally during a meeting with suppliers late last year. A company official has since confirmed to the outlet that the model will be coming this year, although Autocar is still awaiting official comment. 

Sources suggest that the new 500X won't be a ‘true’ full convertible like the T-Roc, instead retaining the standard car’s roof pillars and doorframes in the same fashion as the Fiat 500C city car. That in theory means the crossover will be a four-door, unlike its German rival. 

The decision to retain as much of the standard 500X bodyshell as possible means Fiat can minimise development costs for what will likely be a relatively niche model. It will also reduce the need for additional strengthening beams, which add weight and complexity. 

The 500X convertible is one of three new SUVs planned to arrive this year from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. There will also be the new, sub-Stelvio Alfa Romeo Tonale and a smaller sibling for the Maserati Maserati Levante, called the Maserati Grecale


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rmcondo 9 January 2021

I’m pretty sure I have not yet seen a VW T Roc Convertible. Sounds about as needed as a Range Rover Convertible

artill 9 January 2021

Whilst i am all in favour of more convertibles, this sounds like it will have a modern version of a Webasto fabric roof from the 60s and 70s. And maybe a big sunroof is all anyone who buys a fiat 500x wants, but its as bad calling this sort of thing a convertible, as all those 4 door coupes we see these days that just are not coupes either

abkq 9 January 2021

Failure of the Fiat Group (or whatever they are now called) to compete in the major market sectors means they want to explore unusual market niches.

To make a lifestyle convertible out of the grotesquesly styled scaled-up 500 doesn't seem like a good idea.