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One-off Ferrari Super America 45 convertible features a 6.0 engine and will be revealed May 20

A one-off Ferrari convertible equipped with a 6.0-litre engine will be revealed at the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este later this month.

BMW, which sponsors the annual event in Milan, confirmed the show’s line-up today, and it included a mysterious concept called Ferrari Super America 45.

The only other details given by BMW other than the car’s 6.0-litre engine, included its year of production, 2011, and that the bespoke model was commissioned by a New Yorker.

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The car is likely to be the work of Ferrari’s Special Projects Programme that was first set-up in 2007.

Special Projects’ most recent model was the Ferrari P540 Superfast Aperta (pictured). It was inspired by the gold Ferrari from the 1968 film Toby Dammit and was commissioned by Edward Walson, whose father invented cable television.

The Superfast Aperta, based on a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, had to undergo extensive carbonfibre chassis strengthening in order to accommodate the targa roof. Weight increased by 20kg over the standard car.

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Special Projects buyers also receive the tooling as part of their purchase. This is to ensure each model made by the department remains unique. Ferrari has the first option to buy back Special Projects cars and tooling to stop them from falling into the hands of speculators.

The Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este starts on 20 May. Other cars on display include the Audi Quattro concept, Mercedes’ Concept Shooting Break, Mini’s Rocketman, Rolls-Royce’s 102EX and the Ferrari Enzo-based Pininfarina P4/5.

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