Currently reading: Ferrari to stick with naturally aspirated V12s
Company boss Sergio Marchionne has stated that Ferrari will always offer a V12 and it would be "nuts" to put a turbocharger on it; a hybrid system will be used in future models
Richard Bremner Autocar
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1 May 2017

Ferrari will always have a naturally aspirated V12 in its line-up, according to company boss, Sergio Marchionne.

His comments quell concerns that the V12 will be downsized and turbocharged, as with Ferrari’s V8s, or even axed entirely. ‘‘We will always offer a V12,” said Marchionne. “Our head of engine programmes told me it would be absolutely nuts to [put a] turbocharger on the V12, so the answer is no. It [will be] naturally aspirated, with a hybrid [system].”

The electrification is not all about lowering CO2, either, said Marchionne: “The objective of having hybrid and electrics in cars like this is not the traditional objective that most people would have. We’re not trying to make two targets. We’re really trying to improve the performance on the track.”

Ferrari technical chief Michael Leiters underlined the intent: “We don’t want to stop production and the small manufacturers’ agreement allows us to continue.”

The V12-powered 812 Superfast, revealed at the Geneva motor show last month, is “far under” the current EU6B emissions legislation that will apply for four years. The engine’s performance will be aided by “a 350-bar direct-injection system,” said Leiters.

He added: “The EU6C legislation will be a challenge, but we have a solution. After that comes the 2021 Ultra-Low-Emission Vehicle legislation (ULEV), which will be met with the hybrid V12 powertrain.”


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1 May 2017
Good job. But, it must be the same for all Ferrari engines...

1 May 2017
but it is just as important to have a manual gearbox as an option. Will they still be available ?

1 May 2017
Agree with Andrew. And don't believe that guff about the cost. Better to pay for that than $3500 for a carbon fibre cup holder etc.

1 May 2017
Yes, very good news. Nothing would be worse then throwing turbos on the 12. I really don't want the electric stuff either, but at least it doesn't ruin everything.

But I also completely agree with Andrew 61. Without a manual gearbox, I am not interested anyway. I seriously couldn't be less interested about performance on a track. If you want to try and go fast on a track, buy a track car.

2 May 2017
The next F80 could have one last V12 zip? Some say a V8 twin turbo would be the optimal for this kind of vehicle. Let's wait and see.


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