Currently reading: Ferrari boss: 'V6 is possible'
But there won't be an electric Ferrari
Jim Holder
1 min read
9 February 2010

Ferrari could build V6-engined cars in the future, but not an electric car, according to company boss Amedeo Felisa.

Asked about the possibility of a V6 engined Ferrari, Felisa said “If I had to answer the question a year ago I would have said no, but attitudes are changing and we build cars for customers," said Felisa. "In 20 years, who can say?

“If you look at global warming, the right solution is not full electric. It’s more a marketing solution than a real one, sound is just as important as design and performance for Ferrari. We will not make engine sounds with speakers.”

Felisa also confirmed that an open-topped 458 Italia and a successor to the Enzo were under development.

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Lesia44 10 February 2010

Re: Ferrari boss: 'V6 is possible'

VirginPower wrote:

Lesia44 wrote:
You think 0 to 60 times are the pint of a Ferrari? I suspect you've not driven a Ferrari...

The question is a non sequitur, and the statement is wrong. I own one, have driven it, and am probably better placed to speak about the pints of a Ferrari if it has any.

I suspect you haven't driven one as you appear to think that driving one confuses one as to whether or not the F70 needs to do 0-62 in under three seconds.

We need to speak meaningfully, as it is very, very important that Ferrari gets the 0-62 time below three seconds in future, whether we realise it or not.

I could give you a long list of the Ferraris I've driven starting at the 355 and up to the 599 but this would turn into an essay not a post (and I could also add Lamborghinis, Astons and Porkers to the list). I've done hundreds of miles in many and thousands of miles in most. And I couldn't care less about 0-60 times. They're all suicidally fast so who cares if they shave a few tenths off this number or that number. That's kid's stuff that excites 14 year old boys with posters of exotic cars on their bedroom walls or people who want to brag about tenths of a second (same thing really). The point of a Ferrari is how it feels when you drive it, not some number you have to measure with a stop watch to tell the difference. Have you driven an F430 or a 430 Scuderia? If you have do you really think those cars should be defined by their 0-60 times? Yeah, they're blisteringly fast, and that's amazing, but it's how they feel when you're thrashing them through your favourite bends that make them the best cars on the road.

Scighera 9 February 2010

Re: Ferrari boss: 'V6 is possible'

the only one ferrari that, in my opinion, could be built with a V6 engine is a California successor or a new version of mythic Dino

IainStirling 9 February 2010

Re: Ferrari boss: 'V6 is possible'

Walking wrote:
near silence

It'll have to be in a vacuum then, or with some seriously slippery aerodynamics to have no wind noise. And for there to be no road noise we'll have to see a new extreme in low rolling resistance tires.

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