Sergio Marchionne has responded to recent speculation of a Ferrari SUV, suggesting that a utilitarian vehicle will happen "Ferrari style"

Ferrari boss Sergio Marchionne has announced that the Italian supercar maker will "reinvent the concept of a vehicle that has some utilitarian features", suggesting recent rumours of a Ferrari SUV are true. 

During yesterday's 2017 Q2 press conference, Marchionne stated: “I think that if we allow the Ferrari engineers to reinvent the concept of a vehicle that has some utilitarian features, I think the answer is, it will probably happen, but it will happen Ferrari style. And Ferrari has been known historically for being able to redefine and define automotive segments. But I don’t want it to be a UV – I want it to be what Ferrari thinks is appropriate. But no decision has been made yet.”

However, despite Marchionne's comments, a Ferrari spokesman said: "With reference to recent speculation in the international press, Ferrari will not be launching an SUV."

It was reported in July that the long-rumoured Ferrari SUV was still on the cards. Auto analyst Max Warburton claimed the future model is being called an FUV (Ferrari Utility Vehicle) and does not have visible rear doors.

Last month, Ferrari’s commercial boss Enrico Galliera told Autocar: “We are not producing an SUV, because an SUV is not a sports car – it can be fast, but it’s not a sports car. We are not producing a four-door because, while a four-door can be fast, it’s not a sports car.”

He added: “Ferrari has to remain consistent, doing what we know to do, which is delivering cars that are able to deliver emotion. Sports cars.”

However, Warburton claimed it is a “question of semantics”, stating that while Ferrari management continues to tell investors that it will not build an SUV or a model with four doors, the rear doors will not be visible and will instead “use a clever hidden arrangement”.

The model, expected to launch in 2021 and cost about £250,000, would rival cars such as the Lamborghini Urus, Rolls-Royce Cullinan and Aston Martin DBX.

Warburton estimates that 2000 to 3000 units would be sold per year.

While Ferrari continues to be evasive on the topic, a more practical model has huge potential for the Italian brand, given the trend for high-riding vehicles and the popularity of ultra-luxury SUVs worldwide, and particularly in the growing Chinese market.

Competitors Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce and Aston Martin are already far into development of their respective SUVs, while Bentley’s Bentayga accounts for a significant portion of its sales. 

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18 July 2017

What a completely horrible idea.

18 July 2017

"We are definitely, definitely not making an SUV and deny any such plan exists."

"However,  if we did make one (which we won't),  it definitely, definitely would not have rear doors."

"Ok, but if it did have rear doors, you definitely, definitely would not be able to see them...."

"Grazia, no more questions."

Another rumour put to bed then. Excellent.


18 July 2017

Well at the end of the day my desire for a Porsche Cayman didn't wane post Macan.


Hydrogen cars just went POP

18 July 2017

I was a long-time Porsche guy. My desire for a 911 did wane after the Cayenne. It waned more after they stopped racing. What was left waned still more after the Panamera and more after the Macan. Not much desire left at all now.

Ferrari SUV -- appaling. And "FUV" may be the second stupidest name in car world ever. Ferrari TheFerrari will always be the stupidest.

18 July 2017


It's going to have doors. Slide doors like the bimmer z1?




3 August 2017
HHX621 wrote:

It's going to have doors. Slide doors like the bimmer z1?


no, slide doors like a VW combi campervan

18 July 2017

If they are in the usual place, on the side of the car behind the front doors, they might be disguised so they are less obvious but, they won't be hidden, unless of course they will be in the boot...

18 July 2017

The reason I am asking this question is that I would love to see a full road test of current GTC4 Lusso by Autocar. 

It is too much to ask, Autocar?

Safe driving from flt158. 

18 July 2017

Futility Vehicle!  Recommend making a "Borg" Limited Edition version.

18 July 2017

Are these going to be the same 'hidden' rear doors that other manufacturers feature? The ones that are so obvious because of the position of the B pillar and those pesky shut lines?


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