Official price list for newest Ferrari is revealed
18 January 2010

The Ferrari 458 Italia will cost from £169,545, the company has confirmed.

The F430 replacement will go on sale in May, and buyers will get a 562bhp 4.5-litre V8 with 398lb ft of torque. That equates to a 0-62mph time of 3.4sec and top speed of 202mph.

Ferrari 458 Italia first drive

Ferrari 458 Italia pictures

The on-the-road price includes VAT at £25,102 and VED road tax at £950.

However, buyers have an extensive options list to select from, meaning the actual price of buying a 458 to your personal choice is likely to rise further.

Examples include racing seats at £4276, having Ferrari shields on the wings at £945 or a luggage set for the rear bench at £2987.

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Ferrari 458

The Ferrari 458 Italia has set a new standard by which supercars are now judged

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18 January 2010

[quote Autocar]If you can run to the estimated £160,000 Ferrari is asking - Autocar Nov 09[/quote]

+£10k in two months. Looks like it's not only Ford that's milking the UK.

18 January 2010

£1000 for 2 badges on the wings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who are they trying to kid!

18 January 2010

Ah but come its absolutely stunning! I would sure be placing an order if i had £169,545 spare ones

18 January 2010

For comparison that's roughly the same price as the Ferrari F430 Scuderia!

Can't wait to see the price of the 458 Scuderia!

19 January 2010

Well it's suddenly got a lot easier for McLaren to shift the MP4-12C if they price it right.

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