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Final version of the world's fastest production car revealed; top speed capped at 258mph

Bugatti has taken the wraps off the run-out version of its iconic Veyron hypercar: the 16.4 Super Sport.

As well as being a last hurrah for the Veyron, the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport is the production version of the car that now holds the title of world’s fastest production car, a record it set in June at Volkswagen’s Ehra-Lessein test track.

That car managed a top speed of 267.91mph, although the production version will have its speed capped at 415km/h (258mph) to help “protect the tyres”. Apart from having its top speed limited, Bugatti says the rest of Super Sport will be “identical to the world record car”.

Bugatti says the Super Sport “is the result of the continuous development of the classic 987bhp Veyron”, which was first launched in 2005.

Power in the Super Sport’s 8.0-litre 16-clyinder engine is up to 1184bhp and torque is increased to 1106lb ft thanks to larger turbochargers and intercoolers; the chassis has had to be extensively modified to cope with the extra power and speed.

These changes include slightly raised main spring travel, stronger stabilisers, and new shock absorbers.

The aerodynamics have also been tweaked to improve efficiency. The front air intakes are now larger and reshaped while at the rear there is a new double diffuser and central exhaust system.

Production of the model will start in the autumn and will be limited to just 40 units. Bugatti has had orders for 260 of the Veyron’s 300-unit production run and Super Sport models will account for the remainder of its production.

The first five Super Sport units will be known as the World Record Edition and are finished in the same exposed carbon and orange livery used for the successful record attempt. All five have already been sold.


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LateKnight 22 August 2010

Re: Fastest Bugatti Veyron revealed

If Bugatti are so paranoid about tyre safety enough to limit top speed of this model. What tyres are the other manufacturers going to use? SSC, 9FF, Koenigsegg, Zenvo..etc. Who all claim similar top speeds.

Bugatti have specialist tyres made for them by Michelin, I think I know which one I'd rather be in at 240mph.

Overdrive 19 August 2010

Re: Fastest Bugatti Veyron revealed

Happy to see Bugatti have made the Super Sport. I was always disappointed with the lack of power and slowness of the standard Veyron.

mantaray 19 August 2010

Re: Fastest Bugatti Veyron revealed

rebelrob wrote:

I was wondering (aswell as many others im sure) that surely they cannot call it the fastest production car as the first one they built is the only one that has done(or able to) 258mph. It would be like putting all the running gear from a ssc ultimate aero into, lets say, a convertible, and building one with a one off roof so it was able to reach record speed, and release it as a production car but modifying the roof and restricting it to a sensible speed saying that it is to protect the roof/tyres and to give less wind noise or some nonsense like that.

The production SS has all the same abilities as the record holder, but the speed is limited. The body and engine are exactly the same. If the limiter were removed.....

It's a bit like tying Lindford Christie's shoe laces together. He has the capability to run fast, but is limited because of his footwear....