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Renault updates its Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Corsa rival with a new diesel engine and subtle exterior and interior changes

The facelifted Renault Clio has been unveiled. Renault's updated mass-market rival for the Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Corsa will reach the UK in October, with an updated version of the Renault Clio RS hot hatchback expected to follow soon after.

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The fourth-generation Clio has been on sale in the UK since 2012, and with the next-generation model not due until at least 2018 - don't forget, that model will be inspired in part by the 282mpg Eolab concept car - it's high time for an update.

In terms of looks, this facelifted Clio receives very little changes, which is unsurprising because it's already one of the more stylish offerings in this class. There are new LED headlights, a new front grille designed to accentuate the car's width, and a reprofiled bumper at the rear. The look is in part designed to bring the Clio more in line with the latest Megane, and was first revealed in spy pictures last month.

Renault cliomy2017 web 047

Inside very little has changed too, although Renault says it has used materials normally reserved for its higher-end models, such as the Megane and Talisman, in the car's cabin. In particular, there's new chrome trim and more soft-touch plastics inside, and buyers can now choose from three infotainment systems.

Entry-level models get R&Go, a smartphone application that uses your mobile phone's screen as an infotainment portal. There's also R-Link Evolution and Media Nav Evolution, both of which offer integrated satellite navigation on a central touchscreen display.

Elsewhere, drivers now get front parking sensors and a reversing camera on some models, and top-end versions get a new autonomous parking function.

Renault cliomy2017 web 048

The whole Clio engine range has been carried over to the facelifted range, but there's also the new option of a 1.5-litre diesel with 108bhp, while the existing TCe 120 petrol engine is now available with a six-speed manual transmission.

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While full pricing and specifications for the Clio won't be announced until later in the summer, we are expecting a small increase from today's starting price of £11,145, to around £11,500. At that price, the Clio will be over £1000 more expensive than its closest rival, the £10,345 Ford Fiesta, and significantly more expensive than the £9595 Vauxhall Corsa.

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superstevie 13 June 2016

I've just got a Renault

I've just got a Renault Scenic as a company car, and it has the most infuriating set up for the cruise control. I see it is the same system on this as well. Good update to a great looking small hatch. I think Renault have some of the best looking cars on the mass market right now
Shrub 13 June 2016

Really needed two things

1. An upgrade to the cheap and nasty interior.
2. Curtain airbags.

Hopefully they have sorted the first, no word on the latter and so, despite its generous size (for a supermini), I wouldn't want one as a small family car. Do like the Clio though and some very nice looking stuff on the horizon for Renault. Good.

fadyady 13 June 2016

Good call

Offering the 110bhp diesel engine and manual transmission with the 120bhp petrol is a wise choice by the Renault. No word on the RS getting a manual box. Please!