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Half million dollar supercar was due to tackle Nurburgring production car lap record

The Devon Motor Works GTX supercar will not go into production, has learned.

The GTX was due to go on sale this month priced at around half a million dollars, with the project funded by businessman Scott Devon. However, those plans have now been canned.

Devon GTX picture gallery - including the car's unveiling

"The Viper platform being discontinued and the inability to amortize tooling costs are the key reasons," said Devon. "But we have two beautiful prototypes and might still race the Laguna Seca car with Justin Bell in GT2.

"However, our Devon brand plans have expanded to include jeans, leather jackets, watches, scents, and eyewear. Our Beverly Hills flagship store will open this April. We also have a line of motorcycles being made by legendary builder Shinya Kimura. And the black and chrome GTX will be in the store as a display piece of automotive art.

"I wish we could have gone into production but have no regrets and feel we achieved a significant contribution in auto design along with the Leguna Seca record."

The Devon GTX attracted headlines when it was unveiled at last year's Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. It is based on a heavily modified Dodge Viper chassis and powered by the same 8.4-litre V10, albeit with power pushed from 600 to 650bhp and allied to a six speed manual 'box.

At the time company boss Scott Devon said the GTX was the next great American supercar and viewed it as a ‘start back for the US car business’.

The GTX’s distinctive design is the work of former Ford designer Daniel Paulin and it’s constructed from carbon fibre panels. Behind the scissor doors is an equally unique interior with a simple layout and a digital dashboard and centre console controls.

The company is making bold claims about the GTX’s performance too. Top speed is in excess of 200mph and most of the chassis development work has been carried out by racing driver Justin Bell.

The car's makers had planned to take the GTX to the Nurburgring next summer and break the production car lap record, currently held by Radical's SR8 which lapped in 6min 55sec.

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TegTypeR 17 August 2009

Re: Devon supercar launched

"There’s no word yet on when the GTX will go in sale in the UK, but it’s in the plan according to Devon. ‘The GTX has been designed to deal with European homologation’ he said ‘we’ve had lots of interest and I want this to be a worldwide brand and a worldwide car.’"

But does that mean it will be available in right hand drive as well? Although it will matter little to the majority of potential customer base of this car in the UK, I can't help thinking that there is a hard core of ex TVR people that would be attracted by this vehicle.

Peter Cavellini 16 August 2009

Re: Devon supercar launched

Absolutely, positively hideous!,a millionaires plaything,i'm sure the Sultan of Brunie will love it and buy them all i hope! for his family to go down to the polo fields in, ok, that's a bit harsh,but come on, its so typically American,flashy,an adreniline fix,its even got a bit of TVR DNA around the front.Nope, it should stay where its built, in the good ol' USA where the roads are mostly straight and the burger stops plentiful.