Special edition Defender gets Recaro seats and a subwoofer. No, really
22 November 2007

In the year of its 60th anniversary, Land Rover will relaunch the soft-top Defender with this limited edition 90, badged SVX. Also available as a 90 Station Wagon, the SVX gets metallic black paint, a new grille and LED rear lights. Soft top models get a metallic silver full roll cage which acts as a frame for the black fabric hood. The spare wheel is stowed behind the front seats, in the style of the original 1948 Land rover. Inside there are bespoke Recaro seats, sat-nav, and an upgraded audio system with an iPod dock.Under the bonnet is the same 120bhp, 265lb ft 2.4-litre, four-cylinder turbodiesel engine that the standard Defender gets, so there’ll be no burbling V8 for this blinging Landie, however Solihull still describes it as “the ultimate Defender.” And in the absence of a factory version of the 5.0-litre, 290bhp Bowler Wildcat, we’d probably agree with them.Just 200 SVXs will be available in the UK, from spring 2008. Prices will be announced next year, but expect to pay around £30,000.

Our Verdict

Land Rover Defender

The Land Rover Defender is an institution and unbeatable off road, if crude on it

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22 November 2007

Oh dear! I suppose that this is what came out of a focus group. Personally, I hate it; the grill and headlights look like an Everest conservatory on Stonehenge. I did have fond hopes of the V8 diesel under the bonnet, that and an auto would be a unique vehicle worth having. I suppose that with a 1972 Morgan and a 1989 110 CSW, I just don't like tarted vehicles.

23 November 2007

I'm sorry to say it totally uninspiring. Then again if I was into off roading I may find it irresistible. I suppose it is in a class of it's own and therefore can command whatever price it wants.

Why not go the other way and make it more luxurious? charge even more for it and watch the house wives flock to buy it.

23 November 2007

Land Rover,

If I want bespoke, I'll buy a Range Rover and give it to someone to tart up.

Land Rover's messed about with like this tell you more about who's buying them these days than what they should be used for.

What a complete and utter waste of an icon - you should be ashamed - it makes me sick.


25 November 2007

£30K !!!!!

Are they on drugs ?!?!?!?

Surely any real Landie enthusiast would buy their own 'original' 90 V8 for approx £5k and then spend a little pocket money on roll cages, race seats and big grabber wheels....

And then have some change left over for something a little more road biased to play with on the roads, maybe an early series one Elise....?

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