Currently reading: Dallara trademarks Stradale name for KTM X-Bow-rivalling road car
Race chassis maker will make an extreme, limited-production model with ‘lessons from racing’, likely to take the Stradale name. Could use the Mustang's EcoBoost engine

Renowned Italian race car chassis manufacturer Dallara, which works in top-flight motorsport including Formula 1 and IndyCar, is preparing its own road car, due before the end of this year.

A recent trademark filing suggests that the model will take the name Stradale. The trademark comes from Dallara Automobili SpA, and has been filed for use across the European market. A stylised logo has also been submitted for trademarking. 

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The new model is set to be a back-to-basics rival to cars such as the Alfa Romeo 4C and KTM X-Bow — both of which Dallara helped to develop. Company founder Giampaola Dallara said: “It will not be a normal car; it will be a car without a door.”

Dallara also said there were “a lot of lessons from KTM and a lot of lessons from our old racing activity”.

With a maximum annual production run of 120 units, the new car is set to use a 2.3-litre four-cylinder engine, capable of developing up to 400bhp, and a manual transmission, both of which will be sourced from a supplier. That could well be Ford, which uses its 2.3-litre Ecoboost engine in models such as the new Ford Mustang. When asked how much the as-yet-unnamed model would weigh, Dallara said: “We will go for something like 800kg.” The X-Bow weighs 847kg.

He added that it would be priced above the X-Bow, which costs from £57,000, “because performance is higher”, and claimed the car was more technologically advanced than the X-Bow.

A Dallara road car project was most recently mentioned publicly in 2014, when reports said it was due in 2017, but it now seems the timeframe has changed. “We believe it will be ready before the end of the year, when I will be 80. It will be my last car,” said Dallara.

As well as working on the Alfa Romeo 4C and KTM X-Bow, the Italian firm offers consultancy to automotive brands including Lamborghini, Ferrari and Maserati. It also know to have helped developed the Bugatti Veyron and Huracan GT3.

Additional reporting by Dieter Rencken


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xxxx 9 June 2017

BAC Mono, for billy no mates only

The big advantage the KTM has over the BAC is the fact you can never take the missus or kids out in the BAC as it only has 1 seat. I'm presuming for the Dallara to be a competitor to the KTM you can take someone out to lunch in it, the article's unclear on this detail(unless I missed it of course)
xxxx 9 June 2017


Sorry meant big advantage for the KTM is that you CAN take the wife or kids out (1 at a time of course).
habldksht 25 July 2016

BAC Monoco will have a competitor?

Seems that someone sees there's enough market for two players in this upper end of the lightweight track ready /road legal market. especially if ecoboost is to be used, this would make those two direct competitors, even price wise - BAC is now ~100k