Currently reading: Cut-price VW Up for emerging markets
Volkswagen is planning a stripped-out, cut-price Up to be sold as a budget car in emerging markets

A stripped-out Volkswagen Up could be engineered for sale in markets such as India and China, to be sold as a budget car, according to VW Group boss Martin Winterkorn.

In line with many car makers, VW is keen to tap into emerging markets where large proportions of the population are becoming wealthy enough to move from motorcycles to low-priced cars.

“The decision is not yet made, and it is not certain it would be sold as a VW,” said Winterkorn. “But the Up will provide a base for such a car in Brazil in 2013, and it is possible we could expand that concept into other territories.”

Winterkorn explained that such a car might not be sold under the Volkswagen name, to avoid confusing customers or undermining the brand’s premium values.

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