Range-topping option to get 300bhp V6; others priced from £18k, on sale in September
13 January 2008

The new, top-of-the-line Volkswagen Passat CC will get a gutsy 300bhp 3.6-litre V6 engine and four-wheel drive when it goes on sale in the UK in September. The most expensive version of the new saloon-cum-coupe, launched today at the Detroit motor show’s first press day, will be capable of 0-62mph acceleration in a rapid 5.6sec and a top speed of 155mph. VW's first pictures of it are in our gallery.Conceived as part of an image-boosting niche model offensive from which also sprung the Tiguan and the upcoming Scirocco, the four-door Passat CC should plug the gap that presently exists between the VW Passat and the larger, recently facelifted Phaeton saloon. Prices for the car are yet to be revealed, though prospective customers can bank on a premium of at least £2000 over an existing, like-for-like Passat, with base variants of the CC likely to be pitched at around £18,000, according to Volkswagen sources.

Bigger on the outside, smaller on the inside

Based on the same PQ46-designated platform you'll find beneath standard versions of the Passat, the new VW Passat CC gets its own unique styling aimed at providing the four-door with a contemporary, sporting appearance much in the mould of Mercedes-Benz’s successful CLS.Penned by former Volkswagen design boss Murat Gunak, the exterior is distinguished by distinctive new lamps, heavily raked screens, shallow side glass, a coupe-like curvature to the roof, short rear door apertures and a notchback style boot housing a generous 535-litres of luggage space.At 4796mm in length, 1856mm in width and 1420mm in height, the Passat CC is 31mm longer and 36mm wider than a regular Passat, but a significant 50mm lower. The stance is also enhanced by a 11mm and 16mm increase in the front and rear tracks and a lower ride height than its more practical sibling, which itself is due to soldier on for another year before being facelifted.Inside the new car there’s an enhanced version of the standard Passat’s familiar interior, featuring an upgraded dashboard with higher grade materials and new three-spoke steering wheel. Heavily contoured sports seats provide the accommodation up front, and a lowered rear bench that’s split by an arm rest and stowage box serves individual seating for two in the rear.

Five engines, two gearboxes, front- or four-wheel drive

Alongside the headline-making 3.6-litre V6 with 300bhp, the VW Passat CC will come with the choice of four other engines. They include turbocharged 1.8- and 2.0-litre four-cylinder direct injection petrol units delivering 160bhp and 200bhp respectively, as well as a pair of 2.0-litre four-cylinder commonrail diesels with 140bhp and 170bhp.As with the standard Passat, buyers will get front-wheel drive on cheaper models and the option of four-wheel drive on more upmarket variants. Gearbox choices include a standard six-speed manual or Volkswagen’s six-speed DSG (dual shift gearbox) with steering wheel mounted paddles.Safety kit includes six airbags and run flat tyres as standard, although Volkswagen will sell the CC with a host of high-priced options, including a new Lane Assist system capable of assisting with a corrective steering intervention to keep the car in its lane, and a radar-controlled cruise control called Automatic Distance Control.Other extras include a system that goes under the name Dynamic Drive Control and provides three levels of damping stiffness along with two different levels of assistance for the steering. Buyers will also be able to option the CC with Volkswagen’s Park Pilot system that uses radar to automatically parallel park the car at the press of a button.

Greg Kable

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14 January 2008

Very nice, but a bit too big for my needs! Any chance of a shrunken version, to be based on the golf?

14 January 2008

Another pointless over the top car which futher undermines the peoples cars roots. Who buys a car like this?

How about VW change their name to Reich Volskwagen aka rich peoples car.

14 January 2008

Another exercise in blandness if you ask me.

Who's gonna buy it?

14 January 2008

i'm pretty sure this is just a introduction to the model and the core seller would be a high performance diesel with dsg etc etc

14 January 2008

I've just stood next to my CLS with a pic of this and the CC looks so cheap and bland next to it. Let's face it, if someone has the money, and brains, then they're not going to chose a CC over a CLS are they? `Yeah you see, I could have got a much better looking Merc, but I went for an uglier VW cos' that's the man I am.....` You get the idea.

16 January 2008

[quote Griffin911]the CC looks so cheap and bland next to it. Let's face it, if someone has the money, and brains, then they're not going to chose a CC over a CLS are they? [/quote]

But what if they haven't got the money and brains, like me? The CLS starts at £44000 whilst the Passat CC starts at £18000! Yes, I love the CLS but I have no chance whatsoever of one at that price.

The downside of the Passat for me is that it only has 4 seats (I have a wife and 3 kids..) and it's not a hatchback. So the Audi A4 it'll have to be until I win the lottery.

19 January 2008

Yes, a Passat 'sportback' - hatchback + five seats + swoopy roofline - would've been more appropriate for the VW erm 'brand'. Another missed opportunity? Then the Audi A7 could've dealt with the CLS.

21 January 2008

I don't understand cars like this and Manufacturers who insist on adding pointless models into a range that has a completely different demographic.

I look upon the Passat as a work horse type car, sold mainly to reps through lease companies, used to pound the motorways. Surely, this type of design would be best suited to the forth coming Scirrocco, or go the way Mercedes did with the CLS and launch a new car for it.

Peugeot did it with the 406 producing a coupe version of another workhorse and where did it get them? how many do you see? not many.

21 January 2008

I was driving along earlier and I saw what I thought was a revamped Passat.

Fair enough I thought.

Pulled out and followed it for a bit, not really that interested as I was singing along loudly to the Pretender by the Foo Fighters and blow me down, as I got to the traffic lights, I noticed it was a Jetta.

Cor blimey Guvner, you could have knocked me over with a feather. But seriously, I kind of get this 'new' car but now I don't 'get' the Jetta and the Passat being sold at the same time.

One or the other will do - both are not required.

18 May 2008


Aside from the new A4 (people will buy on badge only) VW have a history of doing this, as it's their way of testing dynamics of upcoming important cars. Phaeton for Bentley, New Octavia for Mark V Golf.

Is this is their prelude to the new Passat coming out in '09? I suspect they want to see how their new dynamic chassis control and other advances shape up in the real world.

My 2 cents.



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