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Big luxury saloon is wheeled out in Shanghai

The Citroen Metropolis luxury saloon has been unveiled at the Shanghai Expo.

The Metropolis, which is bigger than a long-wheelbase S-class or A8 L at 5.3m long, and as wide as a Maybach 62, at two metres, could open up an entirely new market for the French manufacturer.

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China is the second biggest market globally for Citroën, and it’s a market that likes its large luxury saloons. BMW is unveiling a long-wheelbase 5-series at the Beijing show this week, and VW will show its facelifted Phaeton.

The Metropolis is the first car to be styled and developed by the PSA Group’s Shanghai design studio. It builds on the themes established by the Hypnos concept, using a full-width Citroën double chevron in the grille, the same upright intakes ahead of the front wheels and even near-identical door mirrors. The complex turbine-style wheels are 21-inchers, with 265/35 tyres.

Underneath the Metropolis is a modified version of on the PSA Group’s Platform 3, which is used in cars such as the Citroën C6 and Peugeot 407. Both Peugeot and Citroën build Platform 3 cars in China in a joint venture with local manufacturer Dongfeng Auto.

The Metropolis uses a hybrid drivetrain, combining a 2.0-litre V6 petrol engine with an electric motor that can increase its output from 55bhp to 95bhp when needed.

The engine produces 272bhp and 277lb ft, but using the motor’s overboost function, the two are capable of increasing the combined output to 460bhp and 317lb ft. The transmission is a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox, with four-wheel drive.

Citroen claims performance matches that of a 4.0-litre V8 petrol engine but CO2 emissions are just 70g/km.

Dan Stevens

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Ektor 27 April 2010

Re: Citroen Metropolis launched

If this model, even if only with half of the tech, were available in a few months it would blow the Germans (and everyone else, for that matter), clear out of the water, just like the DS did back in the 50's.

Citroën, get going and don't forget to offer a 5-metre SWB version for us cramped Europeans!

fuzzybear 27 April 2010

Re: Citroen Metropolis launched

Im impressed - something this big, with 4wd & only emits 70 g/km.

Im guessing this thing will have incredible road presense, considering its size and concept car styling. I want one ! Although I agree it doesn't look quintessentially like a Citroen, but it made me think- what would that be anyway. The C5 took a different direction. Citroen are always changing their design language.This encapsulates a degree of self confidence & injects some flair into what is a very sombre and conservative big car market. ( It looks like a bit like a luxo concept stretched Mitsu Evo- which I like :p)

March1 27 April 2010

Re: Citroen Metropolis launched

MikeFoxtrot wrote:
Sorry, but all I see is another tinkering of Audi-esque concept

And, ironically, I think it looks a lot more like a Peugeot than a Citroen (Chevron grill aside!).