Citroen’s DS3 will reach UK showrooms early next year
16 December 2009

Citroen’s DS3 will cost from £11,700 when it goes on-sale in the spring.

When it was launched at the Frankfurt motor show, Citroen hinted it would be priced under the Mini, but the introduction of the Mini First has ensured the Mini will undercut the entry-level DS3 by £750. However, the standard DS3 is more powerful and comes with more features as standard than the Mini.

The three-door DS3 shares its underpinnings with the new C3 and has been conceived to give the brand an image boost with a range of Mini/500-style customisable options.

Exclusive Citroen DS3 pics

Engine choices for the DS3 consist of two diesels and three petrol motors. The diesels are 1.6-litre HDi units with either 90bhp or 110bhp; the lower-powered unit emits just 99g/km of CO2.

The four-pot petrol engines have outputs of 150bhp, 120bhp and 95bhp. All engines come with five or six-speed manual gearboxes. Three trim levels – DSign, DStyle and DSport – will be offered.

Citroen has launched an online configurator to allow prospective buyers to spec their DS3 models ahead of the car’s official on-sale date.

Depending on what trim level is initially selected, users can specify body colour, roof colour and roof graphics, as well as chrome door mirrors, front LEDs, upholstery material and colour scheme, and even one of six colours for the dashboard and gear knob. Alloy wheels up to 17 inches in size can be selected in a range of different styles and options.

Options including automatic headlamps, rear parking sensors and Bluetooth connectivity can also be specced.

Our Verdict


The Citroën DS3 is an upmarket, stylish supermini, but does it have what it takes to beat the Mini?

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The DS3 will be joined by two other DS models: the DS4 in 2011 and, a year later, the DS5, a big estate/MPV inspired by the C-Sportlounge concept from 2005. The cars could add as much as 40 per cent to the sales of the mainstream models on which they’re based.

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17 December 2009

[quote Autocar]Citroen hinted it would be priced under the Mini, but this has proved not to be the case[/quote]

This is very poor journalism. You are not comparing like with like. There are two basic 1.4 MINIs:

MINI FIRST - 75BHP £10950

MINI ONE - 95BHP £12385

Surely the basic 1.4 petrol DS3 producing 95bhp should be compared in price to the MINI ONE? (making the DS3 over £600 cheaper) They may well bring out a lesser powered version at a cheaper price after the initial launch as most brands do.

Also, the MINI First doesnt even come with A/C or alloy wheels. You have to spend over £1000 extra for those. The DS3 im sure will come with 'luxuries' like these as standard.

17 December 2009

DS3 is probably a more reliable car too.

17 December 2009

Lets wait and see how a like for spec works out after the usual round price increases and vat increase in the new year.

The DS3 looks fresh and non-retro and we are so bored of seeing MINI's everywhere. All citroen need to do is make sure it's built well and the dealers are up to it which BMW have cracked a long time ago.

17 December 2009

Citroen's sell mainly on being cheap and this isn't.

The readers are right, its not fair to compare the DS3 with a Mini. The Mini is a sporty coupe and a British icon. The DS3 is comparable to the Fiat - another cheap supermini.

17 December 2009

Ive noticed this trend with prices recently. A Ford Focus and a Vauxhall Astra has a higher list than a VW Golf too. Although you get about £4000 off a Focus from the manufacturer and no doubt the Astra and DS3 will have 'customer savings' before long.

I'm bored with this type of pricing, I think there should be a clear price in the first place, not over inflated prices with discounts.

17 December 2009

[quote crashbangwallop]

Citroen's sell mainly on being cheap and this isn't.

The readers are right, its not fair to compare the DS3 with a Mini. The Mini is a sporty coupe and a British icon. The DS3 is comparable to the Fiat - another cheap supermini.


But that's the point of the DS3 - it isn't meant to be "cheap". The new C3 is "cheap" (as such) and is the French maker's mass-produced main supermini. The DS3 however is Citroen's answer to a luxury, high-end supermini with all the kit you could possibly want. Yes it's still French & yes it's still a Citroen - but many of you will be very surprised when you finally get to see it close up both inside & out. It is a superb piece of kit!

17 December 2009

I'm not sure (about comparing like for like) - don't you think many of the 'less well informed' out there see the shape, not the engine or the spec. Hence people aspiring to a 'cool' car simply look where the first rung on the price ladder is, and Fiat / Mini's bottom step is lower than Citroëns, therefore that's where they go.

That said, on style alone I'd take the DS3 at the moment, and I'm sure the Citroën dealers will be discounting out of habit.

17 December 2009

Well it's clear which car Autocar already prefers - the 'headline' says it all. And yes, it's unfair to compare the base DS3 with the base MINI, because the First is indeed a very basic motor! The DS3 looks the part, and I saw one close up in the Paris showroom recently - very high quality and it's got real presence. The Mini is just too common now. Add in to the mix the fact that the DS3 actually has space for five people and a half decent boot, and it looks much better value, making the Mini seem overpriced in comparison. I just hope the DS3 doesn't become too common. £11700 is still pretty expensive, but at least it undercuts the Nissan Cube, which I do think is overpriced!

"The creative adult is the child who survived."


17 December 2009

[quote crashbangwallop]The Mini is a sporty coupe[/quote]

A coupe - really? Not in my book.

17 December 2009

Agreed with most comments here. DS is Citroen's Premium Series. If anything this will need to be compared like for like with other premium brands. FIAT 500 is completely the wrong size of car too. Any guesses how much more the up coming AUDI FABIA (Sorry read A1) will cost? With Citroen really trying to push the envelope with their car designs of late, providing the reliability stands up one could be my next car.


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