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General Motors confirms US pricing for its radical new range-extender hybrid

Chevrolet has opened the order book on its Volt range-extender hybrid - and confirmed a price for the car: $41,000 (£26,400) minus tax credits.

The Volt will be initially available to Chevrolet customers in California, New York, Michigan, Connecticut, Texas, New Jersey and Washington DC, with initial deliveries due to start before the end of this year.

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GM says the $41,000 price will come down to as little as $33,500 (£21,500) once a federal income tax credit is applied - although the credit does vary between $0 and £7500 (£4500).

The firm is also to offer the car on a three-year lease scheme from $350 (£225) per month, after an initial $2500 (£1600) payment. Again, though, these figures will rise if the is not eligible for the full $7500 tax credit.

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GM claims the Volt has a range of around 340 miles, and is offering an eight-year/100,000-mile warranty on its battery pack. It is also including five years of OnStar vehicle connectivity as standard.

The European version of the car, the Ampera, is not due on sale until 2012. Sources say that GM Europe is likely to keep its price under £30,000 in the UK - but not by much.

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crashbangwallop 28 July 2010

Re: Chevrolet Volt goes on sale

Its usual for US companies to charge as £ their $ prices in the UK, so $41k in the US is heading for £41k in the UK

MrTrilby 28 July 2010

Re: Chevrolet Volt goes on sale

For information, the Prius in the USA starts from $23k. That's a fair chunk cheaper than $40k for the Volt. I'm not especially convinced the Volt is the better car, but I do welcome its arrival and introduction of a different take on hybrid technology. Not of interest to us though because compared to the Prius, it's too expensive and too small.

dutchmaestro 28 July 2010

Re: Chevrolet Volt goes on sale

evanstim wrote:

Why all the negative comments about the price?

A Toyota Prius, similarly equipped, is around £22,000. The Chevrolet Volt quote is £26,400 without the tax credits.

dear, oh dear! You do realise that the £26,400 'price' is just Autocar converting $41,000 into pounds?

The Volt, or Opel/Vauxhall Ampera, when or rather if it goes on sale in Europe will be priced at way more than a straight currency conversion suggests. Have you not heard of EU import duties - the first Volts/Amperas will be made in the US - and VAT, at 20%? That alone will put the pound sterling price at north of £30k, somewhere akin to Nissan Leaf territory. My guess would be when the Ampera goes on sale next year in Europe it will be priced at €40,000 and £35,000, no lower, possibly a bit more.

What happened to people knowing the value of things?