GM hopes to sell around 2500 Cadillacs across Europe through 40 dealers, according to Caddy boss
1 November 2010

Cadillac is being relaunched in the UK for the fourth time in a dozen years, on a limited scale with just one dealer and a few service points. But some models will be available with right-hand drive.

The models adapted for driving on the right will be the CTS and the CTS Sport Wagon. But the CTS-V saloon and all variants of the coupé will be available in left-hand drive only.

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Plans to build right-hand-drive examples of even the regular coupé were abandoned when GM went bankrupt, along with a diesel version.

Besides the CTS range (prices for which start at £40,897), Cadillac is also offering the 3.0 V6 SRX SUV from £45,707 and the huge Escalade SUV, including the £71,489 hybrid.

GM hopes to sell around 2500 Cadillacs across Europe through 40 dealers, according to Caddy boss Wolfgang Schubert. But he declined to estimate how many would be in the UK. The range will be available from GM US specialist Bauer Millett in Manchester; a London premises is planned, too.

Richard Bremner

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1 November 2010

This is ridiculous. Cadillac will continue to have one relaunch after another until they start taking Europe seriously. Abandoning the diesel engine is stupid: not only is a good diesel engine essential for European sales (something Infiniti already know), diesels are also - slowly - starting to increase in popularity in the U.S. Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen all sell 6-cylinder diesels over there, with Acura, Honda and Toyota rumoured to follow suit for the 2012 model year.

1 November 2010

Cadillac's best chance was with the tie up with Strastone and having the BLS. But that never came to much and when GM went down any small amount of faith in the brand was lost. Shame as the BLS could of been made so much better but was inferior in handling terms to the Saab 93. But looked different and we had one for 18 months at a year old brought for a crazy price and customer service was excellent from Strastone. Without a diesel engine Cadillac will struggle in Europe and the brand is still not that well recognised. I still like the look but without a smaller derv BLS replacement as well as the larger CTS variants also having a derv option and even a derv Escalade. Cadillac other than a niche market cannot see the brand growing IMO.

1 November 2010

The CTS range started at £26995 last year, talk about inflation! Thats about a 50% increase, why? Also it's strange the one UK dealer is located in Manchester and not London. Presumably it's because the only UK residents stupid enough to want an Escalade work at Old Trafford...

1 November 2010

4 times in a dozen years, have they NOT LEARNED ANYTHING, they need to make the cars look decent before we buy them, they all look awful and have not quality about them.... Also over pricing and lack of dealers will not help... No wonder GM went tits up


1 November 2010

Its got to be a "subtle" relaunch, as that way when they only sell one car in a year they can call it a success....

To live is to drive

1 November 2010

GM are determined that Cadillac are competitors for BMW, and Mercedes and to prove it they have priced them accordingly.

They just dont get it. They should look at Chrysler. They made a big success out of the 300c. It was launched about the same time as the last CTS, it was bigger than the CTS, but much cheaper. It also had a competative diesel, and was RHD. There are loads of 300C's out there. I think ihave only seen 2 CTS ever.

If GM want Cadillac to suceed in Europe they need to put in the investment to make the sort of cars we buy here, and price them at a level that they will sell at.

1 November 2010

They shouldn't bother (Cadillac), how in the name of all things good do they expect to sell car's lie the CTS-V?, it's ten grand dearer than it's target car (An M3,for example), it's got a drink problem, an inferior interior (wrong time for a ryme, DAMN!)and doesn't particularilt handle better than most European spport saloons, it's only trump card is the fact it can do 191mph!(big deal,eh?) which is irrelevant and pointless, and the of course- they won't make it in righthand drive (yes, i know the brake booster get's in the way!) but that's a design fault, right?, maybe they should stick a Fiat badge on the brand aswell!?.

Peter Cavellini.

1 November 2010

I think they're actually probably getting it right. Cadillac is only ever gonig to be a niche brand in Europe - let's not pretend it will ever be anything different. So why the need for models which will not appeal to their target demographic anyway (like diesels) or have a huge network of dealers when the sole representative will surely be happy to deliver your car to you anywhere in the UK?

If they are chasing volume, then they need diesels, smaller cars and toned down styling similar to everything else. But that's not really what Cadillac is about, is it?

If they are planning long-term with upcoming models, and the dealer expands to London as well, they are probably going to have enough representation for the next five years and an adequate model range. They are certainly not going to succeed by just doing what everyone else is doing.

1 November 2010

Fourth relaunch in twelve years, no right hand drive and no diesels, what can possibly go wrong for Cadillac?

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