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Volt-based Cadillac for production in 2013 or 2014

GM executive Bob Lutz has confirmed the Cadillac Converj concept, a premium coupe based on the Chevrolet Volt, will make production.

The Converj was displayed as a concept at Detroit in 2009, and will make production in 2013 or 2014 he said.

"You'll see it when you see it. We have to slot it into the product line-up," said Lutz.

A decision to build the Converj fits with GM’s plans to build an environmentally friendly range of cars amid growing customer demand for greener vehicles.

The so-called Voltec system from the Volt means that the wheels are always battery-powered, offering a 40-mile range which can then be extended with a four-cylinder petrol engine charging the lithium ion battery.

GM's product chief Bob Lutz said that the Cadillac Converj concept proves that the blueprint laid down by the Volt can be scaled up or down. In the Converj the system delivers 273lb ft of torque and a 100mph top speed.

Lutz has long been a controversial character, however, and he signed off by saying he believes electric cars may be a fad.

"There are always these waves in the popular media and the public, and right now it's teensy-weensy cars and electric vehicles," he said. "And I'm all for it because we're going to have those, and I hope people buy a lot of them so we can make some money."

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Peter Cavellini 18 August 2011

Re: Cadillac Converj 'will be made'

jonboy4969 wrote:
sorry, but i have to say that this one is worse than all the other cadillacs over the last few years..... it looks hideous

Sorry, but i disagree with you,it's not hideous it's 21st Century,infact i'd go as far as to say it's un american looks wise and if the drive system is what is going to be in most cars this isn't a bad start for Uncle Sam.

VX220EDDIE 12 January 2010

Re: Cadillac Converj 'will be made'

i think this would look better wearing a Saab badge :)

TheWizardWeb 12 January 2010

Re: Cadillac Converj 'will be made'

I know Caddy's look very different to most cars these days but sometimes that's not a good thing. Their current look is terrible. Maybe Bob Lutz has been giving the ok to these cars because he's going senile.