CEO said Bugatti is looking to add a second model to its line-up. SUV is being tipped
25 September 2018

New Bugatti CEO Stephan Winkelmann is looking to push through a second model line-up alongside the Chiron, with a potential SUV bodystyle favoured over the originally mooted four-door saloon.

Winkelmann, previously of Lamborghini and Audi Sport, took up his position as Bugatti’s chief executive in January, pushing the recently revealed Divo from a working project to a production reality in just eight months. Speaking to Autocar during the Divo’s unveiling at Pebble Beach, he confirmed the luxury brand is “ready to do more than one model”.

He said: “It’s clear that if we do something different from a super-sports car like the Chiron, then it would not be enough just to be in love with one type of car”.

When asked if a second model would be a saloon or an SUV, Winkelmann said: “We would look at every bodystyle and regional demand and not put our money into something that is fading.”

Prior to the new CEO’s arrival, Bugatti had previously worked on the idea of a four-door saloon under the Galibier name. But Winkelmann’s suggestion that such a bodystyle may be ‘fading’ is reflective of the decline in three-box saloon sales in more mainstream brands in favour of more desirable SUVs.

Winkelmann was in charge at Lamborghini during the conception of the Urus SUV, which has recently been launched. Ferrari is also set to bring an SUV to market next year, while luxury brand such as Rolls-Royce and Bentley also have high-riding models. Investment in a second Bugatti bodystyle has had to take a back seat behind the Volkswagen Group’s other priorities, such as electric vehicle and autonomous technology development. However, that could change as the profitability of cars like the Chiron proves high-end, low-volume models make money. 

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Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti originally brought us the Veyron and now has masterminded a 1487bhp, £2.5m masterpiece that's set to become the world's fastest production car

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25 September 2018
Another version of the Toureg/A7/Cayenne/Bentayga with a horseshoe grille glued on the front?

25 September 2018

except the millions who buy them It's Celebrity Big Brother all over again, or the Daily Mail of motoring.

25 September 2018

 Bugatti please do the four Door, the image here looks quite good, and nearly everybody admires the Chiron and it’s predecessor the Veyron, producing another behemoth for the Road just wouldn’t have the style it would be hard to make it look different look Bugatti right?, and besides, doing 200mph+ in a big tall Vehicle would be a bit scary.....

Peter Cavellini.

25 September 2018

Surely not a Bugatti SUV? I don’t know where to start on the prospect of such a possibility. The usual justification trotted out for niche brands to introduce a SUV is their need to generate extra profit from burgeoning worldwide demand for this style of vehicle. If you follow this logic, all car makers will end up following the mass stampede for SUVs: McLaren? Morgan? Caterham? I don’t know if Bugatti is profitable, but to me this is a mega-exclusive brand that trades on outrageous speed and beauty. A 4 door saloon/coupe is a much better fit for the brand.


25 September 2018

IMHO a sedan makes more since for this brand (especially the Autocar image above), but for the VW Group, and their economies of scale, not some much. Bugatti could have taken an Audi A8, Panamera or Flying Spur and put a detuned version of their W16 or reworked W12 power plant, in those vehicles years ago and been done. But I think the VW Group needs a large SUV/CUV platform to compete with the new X7, Range Rover and GLS for Audi, and a bigger next gen Bentegay to more directly compete with the Cullian. Creating a large crossover platform, to cover those three brands within the group makes more since. They could use the Panamera bones as a starting point and build from there. Bugatti is a niche brand anyway, so, IMHO, if it built a sedan and they sold twice as many as the coupe (both of which vehicle type are slowing) it would still be a success at such a small volume! Personally if I've always wanted to see Bugatti become more than just a one vehicle brand. It was my hope to see them do more to challenge Royals Royce as a tip of the Uber luxury Arrow. A second vehicle to this storied brand would be a step in the right direction, be it a sedan or Crossover!  

29 January 2019

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