Firm reiterates official stance that the four-door saloon exists as a design study at this stage
10 November 2009

A senior Bugatti executive has reiterated that its new 16C Galibier saloon exists purely as a “concept study” at this stage, after the firm displayed it for a second time in Los Angeles.

On the eve of the Frankfurt motor show in September, Bugatti showed the luxurious four-door saloon concept to a select few customers, as well as Autocar, and is planning on showing the Galibier around the world to gauge reaction to it.

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Autocar understands that the concept will go on-sale in production form in 2013 with a price tag of around £900,000. Insiders are keen to make it once Veyron production ends in 2012, although the firm’s director of sales, marketing and after sales Alasdair Stewart has officially said otherwise.

Speaking at the car’s showing at the Ace Gallery in Beverly Hills, Stewart said the car was one of several concept studies the firm would be displaying over the next few years as it considers the future of the prestigious marque.

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Technical boss Wolfgang Schreiber has told previously Autocar that he wants the Galibier to “be the world’s fastest, highest accelerating and powerful four-door”. Company boss Franz-Josef Paefgen said the firm was keen to make the concept a production reality and it would be up to Bugatti to convince its customers and the VW Group it should make it.

Under the Galibier’s bonnet is the same 8.0-litre W16 engine found in the Veyron and it produces around 800bhp in the saloon car. The engine features two-stage supercharging and can run on ethanol as well as petrol.

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Bugatti concept plans revealed

Four-wheel drive, a new suspension system and ceramic brakes ensure the car remains as nimble as possible for such a big saloon. Interior features include a removal clock made by Swiss watchmakers Parmigiani.

The Galibier is named after the four-door version of the Type-57, which itself got its name from one of the more difficult Alpine sections of the Tour de France.

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10 November 2009

Love the exhausts, and the watch. The rest is, well, interesting.

10 November 2009

Brilliant!!!!!!!!!! please Bugatti make this car.....these kind of cars make us fell alive again with all these 'green' boxes manufactures keep showing....

10 November 2009

Ugly enough to cause internal hemorrhaging in anyone who sets eyes on it. Please Bugatti, do not make this car.


10 November 2009

[quote Lesia44]

Ugly enough to cause internal hemorrhaging in anyone who sets eyes on it. Please Bugatti, do not make this car.


I agree. I'm a huge Bugatti fan but I must say I consider this design to just be wrong for the brand. A 3-box design would have been better instead of a large hatchback shape. However the interior does look utterly exquisite. But please Bugatti - do not build this hideous car!

10 November 2009

Personally, I like it. Seems very reminiscent of the 57SC Atlantic, especially with the bar going vertically through the rear window. Nice concept.

4 April 2014
What next I wonder?

The 'mini motor home', the 'mini limo', the 'mini people carrier'?


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