Now we know what a Bugatti saloon could look like. And first impressions are that it could be extremely impressive indeed.

You really need to be in the same room as the Galibier to really get to grips with the scale of the thing. It’s a big car. Like a Porsche Panamera, but wider.

Bugatti 16 C Galibier concept revealed

The Porsche saloon reference isn’t too far away from how the Galibier looks in profile either, but then I suppose there’s only so many profiles a five metre hatchback can really have if it must also accommodate two large adults in the back and provide room for their luggage.

But where the Porsche looks a little on the clumsy side, the Bugatti is anything but. This is a strikingly handsome car. It’s quite a simple shape really and all the better for it, but the real joy is in its detailing. You doubt whether the Type 57 Atlantique-inspired central spine will make it to the production car, but you’d hope that some of the other details may. These include the beautifully detailed head and taillights and the eight - yes eight - tailpipes.

The inside is even better. Where the Veyron features a mass of chrome ringed dials, switches and other jewellery, the saloon has an impressively minimalist interior. Sitting in any of the four seats feels special and spacious. But then it should. While the saloon is likely to cost less than a Veyron, Bugatti’s sales director told me to expect a price tag of around £900k.