Currently reading: British buyers must wait for diesel M5
The tri-turbo 3.0-litre diesel BMW M550d will be denied to British buyers until the next-gen 5-series is introduced

A diesel BMW ‘M5’ will not be offered to British buyers until the next-generation 5-series is launched in about three years’ time.

BMW sources have revealed to Autocar that while the 376bhp, 546lb ft 3.0-litre tri-turbo diesel engine is now offered in the M550d in left-hand drive markets, it can only be mated to all-wheel drive running gear. The current 5-series platform cannot be engineered with all-wheel drive in right-hand-drive form. 

However, the next-generation 5-series will be offered in right-hand drive with four-wheel drive, raising the likelihood of the first diesel car to wear the iconic M badge. 

The platform, currently under development, will also underpin the next 6-series and 7-series. It is expected that the tri-turbo engine will be fitted in both models.

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audiolab 4 November 2012

@ Simonali

You are of course right these figures are wrong, did the conversion based on manufaturers mpg and charged it a litre price, so multiply by 4.55. So thats £3140 for the petrol and £1711 for the diesel. Must admit that sounds a lot better.

typos1 4 November 2012

Or wait til Alpina get their

Or wait til Alpina get their hands on the 550d - they gave the biturbo and extra 50bhp and 56 lbs/ft, so that would make the triturbo 425bhp and 602 lbs/ft !!

mcnert 2 November 2012

If you want a fast 5-series diesel..

why not just buy the Alpina D5? Only 30bhp less and a lot cheaper anyway, plus you get a better cabin and some exclusivity from the badge. I'm just hoping Alpina will offer the same mods in a 6-series Gran Coupe for 10k more than the 640d, that would be a steal.