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Amoritz GT DR7 to be fully launched in October
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8 April 2010

This is the Amoritz GT DR7, a supercar developed and built in Brazil.

The ethanol-powered car is due to be unveiled in the metal in October, and is powered by a twin-turbocharged Dodge-sourced 8.4-litre V10.

See the Amoritz GT DR7 picture

The car will have at least 600bhp, a McLaren F1-esque central driving position and different wheel sizes for the front and rear axles.

Beyond that, the company says it won't release any further details on the car until its launch.

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8 April 2010

Amoritz.. sounds like a chocolate bar or biscuit.."luxury chocolate indulgence and only 49'll love Amoritz"

8 April 2010

Looks quite good from the rather ropey picture, does it come in any other colour than hell fire? Whats the insignia on the devil?

8 April 2010

Let's hope it's not going to be as hideous as some of South America's efforts to make a supercar such as that Lamborghini Alar. It had the most nasty and OTT design. Yuck.

8 April 2010

brazil has the technology, as they make the embraer jet airliners, which is the fourth largest aircraft company in the world. ( behind boeing, airbus and bombardier)

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