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Brabus has launched its new Brabus E V12 cabriolet, the “world’s fastest four-seater cabrio”

Mercedes tuning company Brabus has launched the Brabus E V12 cabriolet, the “world’s most powerful and fastest four-seater cabrio,” according to the firm.

Power for the new car comes courtesy of a heavily revised V12 engine from the Mercedes S 600, featuring bigger turbochargers, a longer stroke, larger pistons and increased cylinder bore.

See pics of the 231mph Brabus E V12 cabriolet

Power is up to 788bhp with 811lb ft of torque, giving the Brabus E V12 cabriolet a claimed top speed of 231mph and a 0-60mph time of just 3.7sec.

Other features of the hardcore open E-class include a high-performance limited-slip differential, a wider body and track compared with the standard car and a front splitter with integrated LED daytime running lights for an “unmistakable appearance”.

The suspension has been developed together with Bilstein to provide a wider range of individual suspension settings.

To reign in the car’s power, vented and grooved steel brake discs and 12-piston aluminium calipers feature at the front, with six-piston aluminium fixed calipers at the rear.

Mechanicals aside, the interior “breaks the mold in this area as well”. Carbonfibre has been used on the dash, centre console and side trim and the seats are finished in a combination of ‘lipstic red’ and black leather.

The Brabus E V12 cabriolet is built to order starting from 478,000 euros (£422,000).Read about Mercedes' own special edition, the C63 AMG Black Series

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