Hot 335is will bridge the gap between the 335i and M3 - but it's not planned for Europe
18 January 2010

BMW plans to launch a hot new 3-series to bridge the gap between the 335i and M3 models.

The BMW 335iS will not initially be made available in the UK or Europe, however, with the firm instead selling it to US and Canadian customers.

BMW showed a similar concept with the Z4 at the Detroit motor show with the Z4 sDrive 35iS, billed as the most powerful in the range in the absence of a full M version.

New BMW 3-series coupe and cabriolet models

The 335iS will use the 322bhp N44 twin-turbo six-cylinder 3.0-litre engine with 332 lb ft of peak torque (369 lb ft with the overboost function).

The car will get an M-sport styling package and will be the first time a standard BMW model will be offered with an optional seven-speed double clutch gearbox. When equipped with the auto’, the 335iS can get from 0-60mph in 5.0secs, with the same speed arriving 0.1secs slower with the standard six-speed manual.

Top speed will be limited to 149mph – standard BMW’s in the US are normally limited to 130mph.

A BMW source had indicated that the car will be considered for European sale after reaction to it has been gauged in the US and Canada.

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18 January 2010

Wow, that is going to be one serious 3 series. I wonder how much slower it will be to the M3. But the M3 still remains a sort of specialist racer whearas this IS model will be more 'standard'. This gearbox should be a gem!

18 January 2010

Isn't the standard 335i enough?

18 January 2010

BMW's product-planners must have a lot of time on their hands..

The scene; a slow day in Munchen. Claus, a graduate planner, spits his pretzel out and shouts;

"...Eureka! I have spotted a significant gap in our current range! We have the 335i which takes an enormous 5.6 seconds to 60, then there is a massive 0.7 seconds gap to the M3 on 4.9.. How can we have overlooked this?! There must be at least 3 models we can create which could span that 0.7 seconds! One perhaps, could even have a hatchback boot - like the Skoda Superb, cough - we could call that the GT...."

Claus was, of course, promoted.

18 January 2010

Seems a fairly pointless exercise to me personally (or someone trying to justify their role....). Bring the 335 closer to the M3 is daft - the 335 is a totally different beast(more of a cruiser), and as said before, is more than adequate in the power stakes as it stands.

Rather than boost power, how about putting it on a diet? (the same goes for the M3).

18 January 2010

i dont really see the need for this car however how good does it look! always loved the shape of the 3 series coupe & convertible however with this new nose it looks fantastic

18 January 2010

When i read the first paragraph i was expecting a 3-Series with about 350-360Bhp using either a more powerful version of the 3.0 turbo straight six or the 4.8 V8 from the 550i. Instead what we have is just a 335i with an extra 20Bhp more than the standard version. Doesn`t exactly bridge the yawning 112Bhp gap between 335i and M3!

18 January 2010

There is no way BM will drop the 4.8L V8 from the 550i into the 3 series. Correct me if I am wrong, isn't the 550i a 4.4L V8 turbo engine. Anyway if they do & what they have done is effectively overshadow the M3 & as such makes the M3 redundant. Big V8 is politically incorrect & does not go down well with the green enviroment we have been harping about all this time. To introduce this slightly more powerful 3 seires perhaps is a teaser from BM & lead us to what to expect from the next generation M3 which will be powered by a highly tuned 3L twin turbo engine.

18 January 2010

Gilding the lily.

Always thought the 16 18 and 20 badged cars in both the 1 and 3 range were too close for comfort and surely could have one model removed.

This seems to continue that theme.

18 January 2010

I'd rather have an Alpina...

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