Currently reading: BMW hints at new car to celebrate 100th birthday
Teaser photo and accompanying image hint at potential concept car; centenary celebrations begin on Monday

BMW has hinted it will reveal a new car as it kicks-off its centenary celebrations on Monday, launching a campaign entitled 'The Next 100 Years'.

A shadowy image of the front-end of a car has been revealed, with a BMW statement revealing: "Over the course of its history, time and again, the BMW Group has proven its versatility and confirmed its role as a future-orientated, innovative company.  Since the company was formed 100 years ago, the BMW Group has always set its sights on the future and been a consistent, innovative force for progress.

"This is what defines the company and forms its employees' sense of identity. We live and shape change, acting in a responsible manner towards society and our environment. We overcome challenges and emerge stronger than ever."

It is not clear what car will be unveiled at the celebration of the company's 100th birthday, but that statement suggests that it will point at future technologies that BMW believes will shape the future of cars. As such, it is likely to be a highly futuristic concept car rather than a production car, although no details have been confirmed.

A statement from Harald Krüger, BMW's chairman of the board of management, accompanying the image, added: "The company has continually evolved and, in some cases, reinvented itself. That will continue in the future."

BMW's centenary event kicks off at 2pm UK time on Monday, and will be followed live by Autocar.

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1000HP_EV 7 March 2016

Hydrogen was dead on arrival

why would anyone want to sit everyday on a hydrogen bomb? You'd have to drive the range of the car just to fill up with the hydrogen as the pumps cost millions each, whereas Superchargers cost thousands in comparison.
xxxx 6 March 2016

Emmm an i8 EV perhaps

Although I'm a little worried about suggesting this as a couple of months ago when the 'open top' concept i8 pictures where out I suggested dumping the engine, tank, exhaust etc out and making it a pure EV. I got trolled so maybe I'll have the last word.
Maurice Ital 6 March 2016

A Winnebago sized Mini?

A Winnebago sized Mini?