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The success of the X6 has led to BMW considering poduction of a smaller X4 crossover

The success of the BMW X6 has raised the possibility of an X4 at BMW, Autocar has learned.

The giant sports-coupe/off-roader has been an unexpected success for the firm since it was launched in 2008. BMW has sold 80,000 units worldwide since its launch, which is double its initial predictions.

A BMW source revealed to Autocar that a smaller car in the same mould as the X6, likely to take the X4 name, was under consideration, but it had yet to be given the green light for production.

"We haven't made any firm decision," said our source, "however, the X6's success shows there is a continued demand for sporty off-roaders."

The X4 could be spun off the new X3's platform; that car is set to be launched later this year. It's styling could draw influence from 2001's X Coupe concept, as well as the X6.

BMW has created several niche products over the past few years, including the recently-launched X1 and 5-series GT models. The BMW Concept Gran Coupe from the Beijing motor show is tipped to be launched in 2012 as the 8-series.

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Lauren Hockenson 30 June 2014

BMW and the proper servicing

Now a days many new brands are coming in market for the comfort of people in the arena of branded Cars. BMW is taking the special place in luxury cars market rather than any other cars. So for maintaining the same comfort and luxury we should select a proper and well located servicing point so that it will help us to do the servicing of car in a regular basis.
mantaray 14 May 2010

Re: BMW considering new 'X4'

Calibra V6 wrote:
]I see what you mean P6, inshort they are just creatig more competitors for themselves, and more competition is not good for sales.

Hmmmmm Smacks of early 70's BL...........

Calibra V6 14 May 2010

Re: BMW considering new 'X4'

Rover P6 3500S wrote:

Jon Hardcastle wrote:

Rover P6 3500S wrote:
As I said previously, just because you CAN make it, and sell it at a profit, doesn't mean you should.

P6 you baffle me, far be it for me to defend BMW with this design trend they are on but can you expand on your comment. When all said and done they are in the business of making money.

Sometimes I even baffle myself =)

What I am saying here is that the brand's reputation has to be considered. BMW are risking alienating their traditional customer base (which, let me remind you, is enormous) by continually whoring platforms, inventing niches that don't exist, all in the hope that they'll secure a few more sales. I mean, 80k in a year for the X6 isn't bad, but it isn't brilliant. This programme of BMW's just creates ever more baffling cars, that somehow don't do anything quite as well as their siblings - the X6 is no good as a sports coupé compared to the 6-series, it's no good as a 4-door sports saloon compared to the 5-series (high CofG will do that to a car!), the ride is poor, as they've tried to keep the handling reasonable, and it's NBG off-road. Oh, and it weighs the best part of 2.2 tons, IIRC. This X4 will just be another 'what-does-it-do' car that isn't as competent at anything as its sisters, but weighs more. Next thing, BMW will kill off all its manual gearboxes, move to V6s, FWD for most of its cars...

I see what you mean P6, inshort they are just creatig more competitors for themselves, and more competition is not good for sales.