Visually and technically refreshed MPV will likely retain engine line-up that's crowned by a plug-in hybrid

The BMW 2 Series Active Tourer will be facelifted in 2018 with visual and technical updates.

Photos of a development car spotted testing in Germany show that much of the design tweaks will be focused around the car’s headlights and bumpers.

The changes will most likely mirror those recently applied to the BMW 4 Series, which received new LED day running lights and LED indicators.

Inside, the 2 Series Active Tourer is expected to receive a similar refresh with the latest version of the iDrive infotainment system, while BMW will add driver assist programmes to the car’s current kit list, which already includes adaptive cruise control (ACC) and parking assist.

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The front-wheel-drive MPV isn’t expected to get any new engines, and this test car is running in 224bhp 225xe M Sport guise, which is the current top of the range plug-in hybrid (PHEV) model.

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BMW 2 Series Active Tourer
The BMW 2-series Active Tourer goes up against the likes of the Volkswagen Golf SV and Ford C-Max

BMW dips its toe into front-wheel drive with an upmarket MPV that goes up against VW's Golf SV and the Ford C-Max

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Its powertrain combines BMW’s 1.5-litre three-cylinder petrol engine with an electric motor, and it’s related to the hybrid system of the i8. However, the front-engined 2 Series uses petrol power for the front wheels while its electric eAxle drives the rears – the i8 is the opposite.

Models below the PHEV in the 2 Series Active Tourer range are expected to retain the current line-up of turbocharged three and four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines, which come in 1.5 and 2.0-litre capacities. As such, the entry-level price shouldn’t change much - the 2 Series Active Tourer currently costs £23,880 in its most basic 218i SE form.

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30 March 2017
No matter what the facelift looks like, you wont get around the fact that the 2 series AT, and especially the 7 seater version, is a dog!

30 March 2017
slow news day.

30 March 2017
Unless the rear bumper has some extra-special new design feature that diverts your eyes from that godawful rear end I really cannot see the point of that camouflage! Actually, perhaps BMW could just leave the production model like that - save everyone's eyes. As an aside I passed an idling 218d ACT the other day and the thing sounded like a dying tractor, what kind of diesel engine are BMW fitting to this thing?!

30 March 2017
A front-wheel drive BMW will never be a proper BMW.

30 March 2017
SmokingCoal wrote:

A front-wheel drive BMW will never be a proper BMW.

I still don't understand why they didn't create a new brand or resurrect one of the many old ones they own for the fwd models (that aren't Minis). I agree they have diluted the brand somewhat by badging the 2er ACT as a BMW.

30 March 2017
It's not even the fact that this is FWD which is the biggest problem for me, it's the fact that's it's an MPV, the least aspirational segment of the market and completely inappropriate for a manufacturer known for performance and aspiration! And one where sales are on the decline as well, even the likes of PSA and Renault are trying to make their MPVs more SUV like...

30 March 2017
BMW, long live the past !

30 March 2017
I agree with you all. However....

I had a 2 series Gran Tourer (full bells and whistles) for 5 days as the other car was fixed was really, really nice. Way better than the 3 series, X3 and X5 I had (gratuitous reference-point name drop), and better inside. I mean, genuinely. I could get the twins in the back in their huge safety seats, Gran in the middle and us two up front in great (i.m.o) luxury. It was great for 4 big blokes to go to the football. It drove well, didn't need the 18s but looked better than every other people carrier (msport, at least), and the 2 litre diesel turbo auto was pointlessly quick for a PC.

I'm sure a Picasso/Smax etc would be just as good, but it doesn't stop this being lovely. I bought one (220i Msport), took the badges off, made sure I got M3 blue and 18s to annoy the fanboys, put a sunroof in it for the kids (or the previous owner did), swapped the 18s for 17s (non r.f.t) after losing fillings and now enjoy every minute. It does 38-42 mpg, sounds great, has paddles which are a laugh, a rubbish stereo but a great interior. Easy to hate and criticise, but I'm sure that BM know what they are doing...

Front wheel drive? Yes, but the steering is sharp enough. The auto is great in traffic and it's small enough to park. Dammit, it even parks itself. The collision detection saved me from reversing into a parked car when sleep deprivation and generalised numpty-ness nearly did for me.

People always like their own cars, I suppose. I would advise anyone who dislikes these to try one (the GT - I love to call it that) for a few days. They are very good at what they aim to do. My mates like it, and they all have some serious metal.

There. I feel justified now. Let's see how people feel about that.

Tin hat time?

Love all cars

31 March 2017
Nothing wrong with it as a car...just not convinced it's a niche BMW should be going down, certainly with the BMW badge...

30 March 2017
Getting rid of the ugly and stupid standard BMW grille would be a start! Hey, BMW, you don't need it anymore! BMW styling is an oxymoron, anyway.


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