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Coupé and Convertible models to get minor exterior tweaks and cabin upgrades as part of mid-life facelift

The BMW 2 Series Coupé and Convertible models will be refreshed with a mid-life facelift next year, as shown by this latest development car spotted testing in Germany.

The light camouflage suggests the rear-wheel-drive two-door models will receive minor exterior tweaks focused on the headlights and tail-lights, with new LED daytime running lights and an adjusted design for the rear clusters.

Covers on the test car also show that changes will be made to the front grille surround and lower section of the rear bumper. Other than that, it looks as though the 2017 model’s exterior will be identical to that of the current car.

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Inside, even fewer aesthetic changes are expected but upgraded infotainment and more standard-fit driver assist features are likely. These could include BMW’s new speed limit assist function, which was introduced with the 5 Series and allows speed limits to be incorporated into the adaptive cruise control.

BMW is remaining tight-lipped about drivetrain specifications, but it’s highly unlikely that any drastic changes will be made to the engine line-up. Instead, we can expect the regular 2 Series range to retain its line-up of turbocharged four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines and the M240i and M2 performance variants to keep their turbocharged straight six petrol units.

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The M240i was updated only recently with a new 355bhp 3.0-litre unit, shared with the 540i, which implies that no power upgrades will be made when the 2017 facelift is applied. The M2, with its slightly more potent 365bhp six-cylinder unit, is also expected to remain largely unchanged.

Mechanical adjustments during mid-life refreshes often include minor changes to improve engine efficiency and BMW has a habit of offering retuned chassis settings with facelifts, so expect these to form the bulk of the under-the-skin changes for 2017.

Both the Coupé and Convertible facelifted models are expected to arrive in the middle of 2017, with slight increases in their starting prices, which currently sit at £23,040 for the Coupé and £26,730 for the Convertible.

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