Currently reading: Bentley Continental GT Supersports: 'most extreme Bentley ever' previewed
The Bentley Continental GT will get a range-topping performance-oriented model, which has been partly shown in a new video released by Bentley

The Bentley Continental GT Supersports has been partly shown in a preview video, with the British brand dubbing the car as 'the most extreme Bentley ever'.

The three detail shots show a carbonfibre vent, large alloy wheels with red brake calipers and large disc brakes, and a chunky carbonfibre rear wing, further suggesting the hardcore approach to the car.

Text in the video confirms that "the most extreme Bentley ever is coming" on the 6 January. No other details are given, but those given suggest that it'll be the Continental GT Supersports, the swansong to the current-generation Continental GT before the next-generation car is released, which we've already spotted rtesting numerous times. A price tag of around £300,000 is expected.

The previous Continental GT Supersports, which was introduced in 2009, could hit 205mph and could go from 0-100mph in 8.9sec, and the new car should beat both of those statistics comfortably. The 2009 car also had increased power and decreased weight to help it achieve these figures, so the same approach is likely to be taken this time around. The car is tipped to be the first sub-2000kg Bentley in a generation.

It'll be the hottest car Bentley has produced since the GT3-R of 2014, which was inspired by Bentley's Continental GT3 racer and limited to 300 units. That car, which was powered by Bentley's twin-turbo V8, tuned to 572bhp, reached 60mph in 3.6sec, although the Continental GT Supersports should beat this, as it'll be powered by an uprated version of the V8 engine with which Bentley has forged recent success.

“A lot of people expected the GT3-R to be a proper rear-wheel-drive sports car,” Bentley engineering boss Rolf Frech told Autocar, “but the problem was timing. We needed the car at the end of the first season of our GT3 racing car, and to do a proper change of the complete powertrain needed longer than we had. But we have the concept in our mind, so why not?”

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