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New company CEO admits the firm needs to accelerate its electrification plans - and hints full electric car is due within five years

New Bentley boss Adrian Hallmark has acknowledged that the brand was not as prepared for future technology as it could have been - but he says it is now forging ahead with a revised strategy to ensure it is at the forefront of electrification. 

The firm only launched its first electrified model, the Bentayga hybrid, earlier this year, Hallmark, who was appointed CEO of the firm earlier this year, moving across from Jaguar Land Rover, told Autocar: “We maybe weren’t as prepared for autonomous, connected and electrified strategies as we could have been.

“The [Bentayga] hybrid is a great first step but we need to do more than one hybrid. Hence the first thing we’ve changed [since I started] is the electrification of the cycle plan as fast as we can. 

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Hallmark, who previously worked at Bentley as a board member for sales, marketing and PR until 2005, added: “That’s been quite a big change and we’ve shuffled a number of things around to be able to do it. It means that in every name plate will be an electrified option - hybrid or full electric – by 2025. We’ll flesh out specific plans in the next three to six months. Certainly by the end of this year, we’ll be in a much clearer position about what we’ll do.”

Hallmark said he was “positively surprised” at the reaction to the Bentley Bentayga hybrid, which was revealed at this year’s Geneva motor show. “Of the five declared luxury brands of Lamborghini, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin and us, we’re the first to do it in a conventional, production, mainstream vehicle," he said. "And the kudos we’ve got for it, and the interest, is incredible.”

He predicts that hybrid volume will account for 10% of Bentayga sales from launch, but is hesitant to put firm numbers on uptake, citing California as a case in point: “It’s the leading market in the world for electrification and [electrified cars] still only accounts for 3% of sales.”

It’s possible that the next Bentley to be given a hybrid powertrain will be the upcoming Flying Spur, due later this year.

Hallmark also confirmed that a pure electric Bentley was due within the next five years, but would not divulge more details on which kind of model it would be. “I do know we will go electric in the next five years, it’s got to be, but bodystyles [for that car], we could do anything.”

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Gargae Man 23 May 2018

Hybrid Bentley

This Hybrid situation doen't add up to me.What we are now saying is that battery packs for normal and large sized cars weigh between 500-1000 KGS.All dead weight, which

 effects the range of the vehicle.Are we now going backwards.Remember knights of the realm wore suits of armour to protect themselves in battle,now we have kevlar vests etc to stop bullets.So I liken this lemming like rush to Hybrids in cars weighing north of 2tonnes,Tesla for example,the same as going back to suits of armour,ridiculous.Also if you do drive one of these vehicles on long drives are you prepared to wait 30minutes for a high speed recharge to 80% of battery capacity every 200miles,when refilling a petrol or diesel is 5minutes,I' not.

eseaton 2 May 2018

I'm rather pleased they're

I'm rather pleased they're not prepared for electrification.


What is the basis for thinking there is an uptapped market for an electic Bentley?  


Just saying it is so doesn't make it so.  

xxxx 2 May 2018

Honest if nothing else

There's plenty of other companies out there in the same position.