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Mini-4x4 is one of five new electric cars Suzuki will launch in Europe by 2030

The Suzuki Jimny will receive an electric variant in the coming years as one of five new EVs the Japanese manufacturer will launch in Europe by 2030.

As part of an ambitious growth strategy detailed by Suzuki, which includes a £3 billion investment in battery development, the firm will introduce five new electric cars from 2024 onwards and has pledged to achieve carbon neutrality in Europe by 2050. 

The first Suzuki EV to arrive on the market will be a production version of the recently revealed eVX concept, a Suzuki S-Cross-sized crossover boasting a 342-mile range. 

However, the electric Jimny is unlikely to share the eVX’s underpinnings given its much smaller footprint - and it could even use an adapted version of the combustion car’s platform in a bid to maintain its affordable billing.

The current car is only available with a 1.5-litre turbocharged petrol engine producing 99bhp and 95lb ft, so electric power will bring a marked improvement in both power and torque. 

No details of the electric Jimny have been confirmed, but an official preview image released by Suzuki suggests its distinctive two-box silhouette, slatted grille and squat proportions will be carried over - although new star-shaped headlights hint at a subtle redesign. 

From 2024, the Japanese firm will also expand its range to electric SUVs and B-segment models. Two larger electric SUVs are also on the cards, which could be set to compete with the popular Vauxhall Mokka Electric and Kia Niro EV.

As it invests 2.5 trillion yen (£15 billion) in the construction of a battery plant and various other sustainable developments, Suzuki forecasts 80% of the cars it sells in Europe will be battery-electric, with the remaining 20% taken by hybrids. 

Suzuki is not immediately set to become an electric-only firm and will continue to work towards developing a carbon-neutral combustion engine for sale in other global markets. 

Suzuki cars sold in fast-developing, core regions such as India will eventually be powered by biogas and ethanol mixed fuels as the firm works towards achieving carbon neutrality for 2070. In other core areas like Japan, the firm will continue to develop hybrid powertrains, but it will focus outright on EV power in Europe, where it plans to be carbon neutral by 2050.


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Rutter 26 March 2023

I have a 2019 1.5 Jimny - it is naturally aspirated, article implies it is turbocharged...!

artill 29 January 2023

Whilst it is good to know that cars with some character will continue, this highlights all that is wrong with the current rules. The Jimny typically does a very small annual mileage, and even over a life time probably wont go far enough to recover the carbon debt from making a battery version.

They are also very long lived, and we have no evidence that the batteries will last 25, 30 years like the basic car will. Yet because its cheap there is no way to cover the CO2 fines, so we cant have one with a petrol engine, but we can have huge SUVs with V8s (not that i am against V8s).

The Jimny was expensive enough when we could buy one, and an EV one will be more. £30k for a Jimny? I very much doubt it will be that cheap! 

MrJ 30 January 2023

Reasons to like an EV Jimny:

No pollution from the exhaust.


Better acceleration.

Maybe a lower CofG, so improved handling.


artill 30 January 2023
MrJ wrote:

Reasons to like an EV Jimny:

No pollution from the exhaust.


Better acceleration.

Maybe a lower CofG, so improved handling.


Everything you say may well be true, but at what price. I suspect many Jimny buyers would prefer the choice

JayceeLexie 28 January 2023

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