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The ten most popular Autocar videos of 2011, topped by the Lamborghini Aventador review

Throughout the year has served up a succession of delectable video delights featuring a host of beautiful, practical or downright bonkers machinery, ranging from Lada to Lamborghini. Here we bring you the ten most popular according to the number of views on our website and our YouTube channel.

1 Lamborghini Aventador (1,035,544 views)We described Santa’gata’s latest 690bhp offering as “not perhaps the most ethical car we’ll test this year”, but the Lamborghini Aventador is definitely one of the loudest and one of the fastest cars we’ve got our hands on. ‘Immense’ and ‘off the dial’ are just some of the phrases to describe this all-new supercar, as Steve Sutcliffe finds out.

2 McLaren F1 versus McLaren MP4-12C (478,159 views)It’s clear the McLaren MP4-12C was one of the most popular cars of the year with users, but how does it stack up against its predecessor, which remains one of the most feted supercars in history? Our video is one of the few times the two supercars from Woking will be on the same patch of asphalt at the same time.

3 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport (364,324 views)Autocar racked up 5000 road tests back in March, and what better way to celebrate than by putting Bugatti’s ultimate expression of motoring through a full test. We put the Veyron Super Sport through its paces on track and produced the best set of performance figures we’ve ever recorded…

4 BMW M3 GTS versus Porsche 911 GT3 (189,836 views)With its garish paintwork and brutish looks, the BMW M3 GTS certainly talks the talk, but can it keep up with Porsche’s potent 911 GT3? Two members of Autocar’s road test team strapped in and took both cars to the limit to find out which is best.

5 Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe (182,593 views)The very powerful, very rapid and very loud Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe sits at the top of the C-class coupe line-up. It takes over from the CLK55 AMG, providing renewed competition to the likes of the Audi RS5 and BMW M3. Question is, how does it perform in the face of such strong competition?

6 BMW 1M versus Porsche Cayman (149,941 views)The BMW 1-series M is “the successor in kind to the iconic BMW E30 M3,” according to BMW. But how will the ultra-hot 340bhp 1-series compare against the beautifully poised, already tried-and-tested, Porsche Cayman R? Steve Sutcliffe finds out.

7 BMW M5 (144,465 views)The BMW M5 produces 552bhp from its turbocharged V8 engine. That’s enough to launch the 1870kg super-saloon to 62mph in just 4.5sec and on to a top speed of 190mph when coupled with BMW’s M driver’s package. Steve Sutcliffe took this handsome brute for a smoky spin.

8 McLaren MP4-12C (143,574 views)The McLaren MP4-12C is one of the fastest cars ever to be offered for use on the public road. It is capable of some staggering achievements, including a 0-60mph time of 3.1sec, a 0-100mph time of 6.1sec and a top speed of 205mph. But what is it like to drive? Watch our video review for the definitive verdict.

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9 Porsche Cayman S versus Porsche Cayman R (141,646 views)We already think that the Cayman S is the best handling Porsche on sale today. It’s mid-engined, superbly balanced and has great steering. Can the Cayman R offer an even better all-round package? Matt Prior takes them both to Silverstone to find out.

10 Do winter tyres work? (122,717 views)It’s no surprise to see this video on the list, because during the cold snap at the start of the year Autocar received numerous enquiries about the effectiveness of winter tyres. We took two BMWs and a standard and winter set of tyres to our test track for a quick-fire comparison. It’s a far from scientific test, but it does prove the benefits of having more appropriate rubber in cold conditions.

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