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When Ford's reinterpretation of its iconic GT40 Le Mans winner arrives in the UK next year, it will do so in very limited numbers indeed. Just 28 of the 550bhp supercars will be delivered to this country, at an as yet unconfirmed price not below £120,000. The chances of regularly seeing one on UK roads are slim in the extreme. Rarer still will be membership of the band of lucky few who have driven one, and those taking delivery can consider themselves among an even more exclusive club. However, months before the first customer car arrives with its owner, Autocar delivers its comprehensive verdict on the supercar.

'Autocar readers will remember that, less than a year ago, a prototype GT took a Ferrari 360 Modena's trousers down on these pages,' this week's road test reads. 'This one is Europe's only car and its schedule is bursting at the seams. Just as well then that its first appointment with the press was for the full Autocar road test.'

'Simply having a car as awesomely beautiful and shatteringly fast at your command is a rare privilege,' it goes on, 'and that's before you even consider its many other outstanding attributes.'

Read our final verdict on Ford's Ferrari-worrying GT in this week's Autocar

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