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Upgraded S-line Black Edition trim will be available on A4 and A5 models

Audi has released an upgraded specification for its A4 and A5 S-line models, dubbed the Black Edition.

Available for the A4 saloon/Avant and the A5 coupe, Black Edition adds a new styling package including a high-gloss black grille surround, matt black window, numberplate and foglight surrounds and 19-inch, titanium-finished alloys.

Interior upgrades include piano black finishes, iPod connection and either Audi's parking system 'Plus' with on-screen graphics for the A4 saloon or tinted windows in the Avant variants.

See a pic of the Audi A5 S-line Black Edition

The Black Edition is available across the A4 and A5 engine range, adding a premium of £1250 over the S-line. A4 prices range from £27,220 to £38,095, and A5 prices from £31,175 to £39,330.

Audi has also released a new Technik specification, available for A4 saloon and Avant TDI variants. Based on the SE, Technik adds a leather interior, DVD satellite navigation, iPod connection and Audi's 'Plus' parking system.

Technik models carry a premium of £915 over the SE specification, with prices ranging from £27,270 to £35,205.

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catnip 6 November 2010

Re: Audi upgrades S-line models

Funny how fashions change, and, consequently what we are willing to pay extra for. I remember when Ford introduced their basic 'Popular' ranges, with matt black bumpers and door handles instead of chrome ones, so you could tell it was the cheap model. Then it was body-coloured trim, after that everyone wanted chrome (too much in some cases), but now the matt and gloss black are desirable.

So now, an Audi upgrade is what was once featured on the poverty spec


disco.stu 6 November 2010

Re: Audi upgrades S-line models

Peter Cavellini wrote:

What next can they charge you for?...colored air in your tyres?, id Audi want to sell more then in this austerity ridden time make them no cost options if not, don't bother!.

Given that Audi will sell a record number of cars both in the UK and worldwide this year, and finally overtake BMW in the UK while they're at it (unless BMW repeat their trick from last year and register over 22,000 cars to their UK head office at the last minute...), I think they are probably happy with their sales numbers in this 'austerity ridden time'.

scoch 6 November 2010

Re: Audi upgrades S-line models

And the upside is you will only see another hundred exactly the same on the way home, just what your after after shelling out your hard earned cash.

A car with the ride quality of a house brick, comman as muck, absolutley no style and near the bottom of the pile for reliabilty, just as well its so cheap!!!!!!