Currently reading: Audi A6 Avant 55 TFSIe quattro PHEV arrives with 362bhp
Four-wheel-drive petrol-electric estate offers more than 30 miles of electric driving at speeds of up to 84mph

The new Audi A6 plug-in hybrid is now available in estate form, following the recent unveiling of the saloon variant. 

The A6 55 TFSIe quattro, first revealed at the 2019 Geneva motor show, takes its power from a 249bhp 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine, with a 141bhp electric motor integrated into the gearbox for a combined output of 362bhp. This powertrain also features in plug-in hybrid versions of the Audi Q5 and Audi A7 Sportback. 

New Audi Q5, A6, A7 and A8 plug-in hybrids revealed

Power is sent to all four wheels through a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox, with maximum torque output rated at 369lb ft. The saloon will accelerate from 0-62mph in 5.6sec (0.1sec quicker than the estate), with both variants capable of a 155mph top speed.

A less powerful variant, the 50 TFSIe, is set to arrive later, offering 295bhp and 332lb ft.  

The 55 TFSIe can run on electricity alone at speeds of up to 84mph for 33 miles on the WLTP combined cycle in saloon form, and 31.7mph in the estate. Audi claims “customers can do most of their daily driving electrically”. 

Three driving modes feature, allowing drivers to easily switch between electric, hybrid and petrol power as desired.

Audi claims a charging time from empty of around 2.5 hours from a 7.4kW charger, while the firm’s MyAudi smartphone app offers drivers sat-nav instructions based around public charger locations. The app can also be used to control air conditioning and heater settings before entering the car. 

The 55 TFSIe is equipped with Audi’s sporty S line exterior package, black trim elements and privacy glass as standard. Inside, it gets sport seats, four-zone climate control and Audi’s Virtual Cockpit screen.

UK pricing and specification details are yet to be confirmed, but prices in Germany start from €68,850 (£60,100) for the saloon and €71,940 (£62,805) for the estate.

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scotty5 4 June 2020

Not fit for purpose.

I kow folk love to be negative for such stories, but in this case I can say the only good news will be the emissions and engine.

Having just looked at an A6 Avant, it has to be one of the most useless cars for sale. I note someone says Audi best interiors? Well try using the large touchscreen on the move situated at the bottom of the centre console whilst on the move. And speaking of that console, many current owners complaining of it rattling which Audi repair under warranty. Want the car to self park ? Tough not even an option. Cup holders in the rear? £100 optional extra. What about the underfloor starage in the boot? There is none. I'll have a heated windscreen? Nope, not available on the A6. The list goes on...

The car has luxury pretentions at a luxury price but the fact is you an equipe your Ford Focus with more luxury equipement. And you can fit more luggage in a Focus Estate too! Seriously, never min luxury estates, even in the ordinary estate class, the Avant sits near bottom of the pile. Have to admit it looks great, that's what got me interested in looking at it, but bottom line is it's not fit for purpose. 

xxxx 28 April 2020

+1 Marv

I've also wondered do PHEV's have separtate electric interior heaters because how else does a tax dodger keep warm for that 20 miles of EV travel without the ICE engine running.

Marv 28 April 2020

ICE only consumption

I'm curious to know what the ICE only fuel consumption is like; I think that is the clearest indicator of this cars' (and others of this type) suitability as an all rounder, particularly when you've completely depleted the stores in the battery.