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See and hear the £1.2m supercar in action; plus interior shots

Official video of the Aston Martin One-77 supercar in action has been released.

See the Aston Martin One-77 supercar video

The 7.3-litre V12-powered Aston Martin One-77 has been undergoing intensive development ahead of the first deliveries of the car to customers in the summer.

The record for fastest road-going Aston is currently held by the Vanquish, which had a top speed of slightly over 200mph. The £1.2 million One-77 has recorded 220.007mph in dry yet windy conditions and Aston expects it to be able to go even faster in improved conditions.

See the Aston Martin One-77 supercar pictures

Just 77 examples of the two-seater One-77 will be sold, with buyers required to make a £200,000 deposit to secure one. Features include a carbonfibre monocoque chassis and active aerodynamics.

Aston describes the car as being the ultimate expression of what it stands for, combing modern technology, craftsmanship and exclusivity.

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6th.replicant 7 March 2010

Re: Aston Martin One-77 on video

Evo_ermine wrote:
As if it's going to have switchgear from a Focus...This isn't the 1990s era Aston Martin we are talking about.
Indeed, but if you refer to the cabin pics of the 'final spec' One-77 that Aston built to show to prospective punters, you'll see that is has Jag column stalks - as used in the S-, X-type & previous-gen XJ. All of Aston's current range has the same stalks, albeit dressed with aluminium (or stainless steel?) 'endcaps'.

Simonsays 7 March 2010

Re: Aston Martin One-77 on video

Exactly, its clearly one77 bodyshell with fronts lights and interior dropped in from other cars.

I work at Gaydon and have been very fortunate to have heard this car testing on the track there - it sounds awesome, even from inside another building!!

Evo_ermine 5 March 2010

Re: Aston Martin One-77 on video

FR3000, I agree with you. Not sure how you managed to paste the quote with me saying that, as it wasn't actually me who said it! It was the first guy who posted.