We speak to the man in charge of crafting the exterior of Aston's 715bhp supercar

Prior to the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera's reveal, we caught up with exterior design chief Miles Nurnberger to find out where the car's design comes from, and where it fits amid Aston Martin's growing range of cars.

Where does this car sit in Aston Martin’s line-up? 

“It’s a much more focused place in that GT-but-still-comfortable territory.”

2018 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera revealed as Ferrari 812 competitor

What are you doing to differentiate each new Aston Martin?

“A lot of it comes from the grille and the lights, the eyes of the car. We looked back a bit to cars like the DB3 and DB4: we never want to be retro, but we want to capture that spirit.”

What’s the focus of the DBS Superleggera?

“I describe my job as taking words and defining 3D shapes out of them. We define cars as characters, and they have to fit in the Aston Martin ‘story’. This is the ‘brute in suit’: if you look at the form and muscle on the bonnet, there’s that Incredible Hulk stretch going on under the skin.”

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Did you take any design cues from the original 1960s DBS Superleggera?

“It’s more the spirit than the style. The name looks fantastic on the hood of our cars, and the meaning was there. We want to be romantic but never retro.”

Our Verdict

Aston Martin DBS Superleggera 2018 road test review - hero review

New flagship super-GT has world-class fast grand touring capability, handling and driver involvement. Will Aston’s Vanquish successor be the third hit in a row for its second-century plan?

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26 June 2018

1) The mouth is too big.

2) PUT THE WINGS BACK ON THE BACK AND GET RID OF THE LETTERING. What a stupid thing to do -- is this change for change's sake???

3) I hope it's great to drive.

26 June 2018

4) Autocar, get your history straight: there was no "original 1960s DBS Superleggera." Superleggera construction already ended by the time the DBS arrived (the DB6 had only a little of it). Also, since in another article Autocar wrote that the Superleggera name was reserved for high-performance models, please know that is completely untrue.

27 June 2018

This has to 007 next Car in Bond 25.

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