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Firm puts the first Aston Cygnet production car on show at Harrods in Knightsbridge
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18 November 2010

Aston Martin has given its new Cygnet luxury car its global debut at Harrods.

The model on display in the department store’s Brompton Road window in Knightsbridge is the first time a final production version of the Cygnet has been put on show in public.

See official pics of the Aston Cygnet at Harrods

The smallest Aston ever is based on Toyota iQs built in Japan, which are then specially imported to the UK for Aston. It will be put into full-scale production at Aston’s Gaydon headquarters in 2011.

The design and build work of the Cygnet is carried out at Gaydon; Aston has incorporated much of its design language into the iQ, including its signature front grille.

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Aston CEO Ulrich Bez defended the Cygnet’s creation in a promotional video last month, saying it’s been primarily designed to help Aston lower its fleet-average CO2 emissions in the face of strict upcoming EU legislation.

“Aston Martin is honest and we don’t make compromises,” he said. “Whatever we do, we do it right. If we do performance, we do performance; we won’t downsize our sports cars.

“The Cygnet needs to satisfy the demands of emissions and space. It is a car without compromise, just like every other Aston Martin."

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15 November 2010

Crass car, so doesn't surprise me that their launch location is just as lacking in class as their styling.

I hope this car fails miserably, but doesn't drag Aston down with it. Surely Aston could have developed from scratch a small, aluminium based car, dropped in a small turbo unit from another manufacturer and ended up with something fun, good looking and not a Toyota IQ priced at £30k?

15 November 2010

What's this rubbish about them having been able to include a lot of their design language? Apart from the grill, which looks stupidly large and out of place, what other parts of the exterior speak to the Aston design language?

15 November 2010

Have to say I'm sceptical but will swing by later today to see it in the flesh. I don't understand the "forcing" of CO2 - why not just have extra tax to deter owners? Mind you, it could be the first luxury city car - combining a gorgeous cabin with a practical size.

15 November 2010

[quote twyford]What's this rubbish about them having been able to include a lot of their design language? Apart from the grill, which looks stupidly large and out of place, what other parts of the exterior speak to the Aston design language[/quote]

I'd say they've had as much design input as Rover did with the 400.....

15 November 2010

The pic of it in Harrod's from a distance just looks like an iQ and that is how it will be seen an iQ in Aston Martin bodykit and a few extra bit's of cow glued onto the dash and door cards.

15 November 2010

I think it should be banned on grounds of taste. Or maybe we should take to the streets and protest! :-)

15 November 2010

What next for supercar owners?, build and design your own car?, well just incase, there's a company in the states (where else!?) who'll build your dream providing it's workable and of course safe, wouldn't that be more fun?, or don't they trust their other half with the real car?.

15 November 2010

Even if one can bear to call it an Aston Martin it is doubtful it is the smallest one ever. Shortest, and smallest-engined (just), but it is taller and substantially wider than any of the pre-war 1.5 litre Bertelli-era cars and I would guess heavier too. Many Aston Martin enthusiasts were hoping it would go the way of the Atom, and be all but forgotten after just one had been completed, but presumably its appearance in the window of London's second naffest shop indicates that it is going to be around for a while longer.

15 November 2010

It's a lash up. The Cygnet is quite clearly a Toyota iQ in a tart's dress in the same way that a Vanden Plas 1500 was related to an Allegro. The problem is that it treats Aston owners as idiots - you could Connolly line a shed and it would still be a shed. You can Connolly line an iQ and it is still an £11K hatch, however much coachbuilding expertise and chrome you throw at it in order to justify the £30K price tag. Even rich people, perhaps especially rich people, don't like to feel ripped off.

A final thought, what is the point in importing the iQs to the UK and "handbuilding" them, as the story indicates? This is a mass produced, 21st century product, designed to be built on a highly mechanised production line with the minimum of human intervention. It's like saying that getting an IT expert in to build an iPod and charging three times the price is better than assembling it in a factory. The whole episode is embarassing.

15 November 2010

Stop moaning! This will have about as much effect on Aston Martin's image as the Fiat 500 Maserati edition does on Maserati. People still moan about the DB9 being related to the Jag XJS (via the AJ16 engine) and the DB7 being based on an XJS platform, Aston 12 cyclinder engines being related to the Mondeo, Volvo air vents, etc . Really, who cares?


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