Prospect of zero-emissions zones in cities prompts electric prototype
4 February 2010

An all-electric version of the new Jaguar XJ has been created in reaction to the emergence of zero-carbon zones in cities across the globe.

A senior insider told Autocar that Jaguar Land Rover envisages some of the world’s most important cities gradually introducing zero-emissions and zero-pollution zones. All vehicles unable to run purely on batteries would be banned from the area.

See the Jaguar Limo Green concept

According to the insiders, only a self-charging electric car could have sufficient zero-emissions range to be practical transport in such scenarios. Although some conventional hybrids do have the ability to run purely on battery power, their electric-only range is limited to few miles.

It’s thought that the electric XJ will be powered by a 145kW, 295lb ft electric motor fuelled by a lithium ion battery pack. The batteries will be topped up by a 35kW, 1.2-litre, three-cylinder generator designed by Lotus specifically for self-charging electric vehicles.

This drivetrain is claimed to offer a range of 600 miles, plus combined fuel economy of 57mpg, sub-120g/km of CO2 and a top speed of 112mph.

Jaguar sources also say that the handling and performance of the electric XJ is likely to surprise people “because of the bulk that’s removed from car when you strip out the conventional drivetrain”.

If, as many expect, future Range Rover models are based on the same floor and crash structure as the new X351-series XJ, the same technology could be applied to the company’s SUVs.

Jaguar and Lotus are now developing the technology with financial help from the British government’s Technology Strategy Board.

Lord Drayson, the Minister of Science, told Autocar last year that electric cars would play a “huge part in the future of motoring in this country”.

Hilton Holloway

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4 February 2010

And won't the generator emit co2 thus making the car also banned in zero-carbon zones?

4 February 2010

[quote bplus]And won't the generator emit co2 thus making the car also banned in zero-carbon zones?[/quote]


Presumably the idea would be to make sure your battery is fully charged before entering "the zone" but I have no idea how you would do this or how you would police it.

However, electric vehicle development is one area where Britain can still be a world leader (if we don't screw things up as usual), so I'm hopeful that something comes out of this project.

4 February 2010

This sounds a similar concept to a Chevy Volt with the engine running at optimised performance to charge the batteries when required. 57 mpg from an XJ, can't knock it and 99% of time, in normal driving, top speed is irrelevant.

4 February 2010

Definitely a step in the right direction. We all love the sound of a V8 or a V12 at full chat but at some point the oil is going to run out. The electric motor is well suited to the type of motoring that most limos are used for with quiet running and instant low speed torque.

As ever the legislators take a broad brush approach rarely taking account of the facts or the practical implications, it was entirely possible for instance to buy an LPG/petrol bi-fuel car with its BIK tax advantages and never actually put LPG in the tank, or even enter the London congestion zone for free in an LS600h and hoon about doing maybe 15mpg. The beauty of this Jaguar is that it appears to achieve the aim of significantly reduced CO2 emissions while still being true to old grace, space and pace strap line.

4 February 2010

When will it be launched?

4 February 2010

I was thinking the exact same thing, In London and other cities as you said top speed is totally irrelevant.

4 February 2010

For a whole bunch of reasons, this seems like a fantastic idea.

Well done, Jaguar & Lotus.

28 August 2014
Electric version vehicle from Jaguar is a new model in market . Few days back only BMW cad Mercedes supplies electric car to market but now Jaguar took part in it and producing various electric vehicles . I think the look and the logo in Jaguar will rock the market with such a new innovation. Electric car having the lots of advantages that we may not get from the fuel car.

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