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The 4C manages a time of 8 minutes and 4 seconds at the 'Ring, setting a new record for production cars with less than 247bhp.
Darren Moss
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18 October 2013

The Alfa Romeo 4C has set a lap time at the Nürburgring of 8 minutes and 4 seconds.

The time, set around the Nordschleife circuit, makes the 4C the current record holder for production cars with less than 247bhp. The set time is exactly the same as the Porsche Cayman S, one second faster than the BMW M3 E92 and almost four seconds faster than a Renaultsport Mégane 265 Trophy.

Alfa Romeo's 4C has a top speed of 160mph and can reach 0-62mph in 4.5 seconds. It's powered by a 237bhp 1750 turbocharged petrol engine producing 258lb ft of torque and fitted with Alfa's twin-clutch gearbox.

The car was shod with specially developed Pirelli Zero Trofeo tyres, which will be available on customer cars in either 17in/18in or 18in/19in sizes. A selection of tyres branded ‘AR Racing' will also be available to choose from.

Prices for the 4C start at £45,000, with up to 3500 units expected to be produced annually. Only 1000 per year will be marked for Europe, however, with around 200 examples coming to the UK. All 500 examples of the Launch Edition of the 4C - which gets additional carbonfibre trim, a rear aluminium diffuser and different alloy wheels than the standard car - have sold out already.


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Alfa Romeo 4C
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18 October 2013

Marchionne has ruined a beautiful car. He may well have saved millions by giving it Halfords lights but the crude penny pinching is obvious every time you see a 4c. It makes you wonder where else corners have been cut.


18 October 2013

i totally agree with you!! what a shame, if those lights were like the 8C it will definitely look better.
those head light should be only for track/special editions (if in carbon fiber...)

18 October 2013

The previous Alfa Romeo record was how quickly they rusted.
Love the tape. Is that on the optional extras list?

18 October 2013

When did you last see a rusty Alfa? You must be even older than me. Had two new 156's for over 3 years/60k miles each with no rust issues

18 October 2013

OK I know EVERYTHING about the 4C is the best possible thing in the world - and I too hope Alfa have a total renaissance led by this car - but I think you'll find Porsche claim 07.56 for the Cayman S.

18 October 2013

Won't the Caymen S have more than the 247bhp stated in the article? Does that mean there is a category which stipulates 247bhp or under??

18 October 2013

Yep, the Cayman S makes 320bhp or 325PS. The 4C makes 247bhp or 250PS. I guess someone set the limit at 250PS because it's a nice round number.

18 October 2013

8 mintues and 4 seconds to rust at the ring. This is slow by alfa standards.

18 October 2013

Haha you guys are funny complaining about the ligths... It sounds that the people Alfa wants to sell the car to are actually happy with them as they are selling like hot cakes Smile

I know I will enjoy my LE!

Gotta love you bench racers that talk about track times without having any idea about tracking a car!

PS For Autocar...this is old news from weeks ago!

PPS The Cayman S time compared is the one from the old Cayman S. The new model is faster as someone else has stated in here. Pretty normal though as the Ring is a power track.

18 October 2013

I don't even like Porsches that much but the Cayman appears to be playing in a different league.

It looks like a genuine high-quality object before it's even turned a wheel, which apparently it does very well.

Put it this way. The Germans would never be dumb enough to skimp on the most immediately visible aspect of the car, would they?


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