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Sports car maker reveals lightweight electric city car concept

AC Cars is displaying an electric city car concept with a lightweight magnesium frame at the Geneva motor show.

The prototype features a magnesium chassis frame with an integrated rollcage, and the whole structure weighs just 67kg.

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Revised AC Mk VI at Geneva

Magnesium alloy extrusions form the main structure of the chassis, with corner node joints bonded to close the structure. AC says the chassis can be assembled "in minutes", and says the sections are self-jigging.

It is not certain that AC will build a production version of the car, but it is looking to sell its technology to other car makers.

“Our prototype magnesium chassis, initially for EV applications, is at the forefront of technology for which we own the rights and which can provide vehicle designers with the ultimate in low-weight potential,” said Alan Lubinsky, chairman of AC Cars.

“We fully expect intense interest in the progress we have made and we look forward to forging partnerships with vehicle makers to exploit this new technology”

The magnesium technology is a joint project between AC Cars and the Israeli company ALubin. The project is headed by ex-Lotus engineer John Owen and automotive designer Ron Saunders.

The electric drivetrain is being developed by Dr Moshe Miller, a consultant for more than 25 years to GM's electric car department.

AC Cars says it is also using the magnesium technology to develop a chassis for "a more sporty" car.

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gathome 26 February 2010

Re: AC's radical magnesium chassis

Challenger440 wrote:
67KG. Not to be driven on windy days, perhaps?

I had read the headline about it being an electric vehicle, then the above about the weight. Until I read the comparison with the AC 3000ME I was beginning to think they were going back to making invalid carriages.

It was one of the 1960s amusing facts that AC were covering both the slowest and fastest ends of the market, From Invalid Carriage to Cobra.

Hmm that would make a good title for a book.

beachland2 25 February 2010

Re: AC's radical magnesium chassis

I think the sketch shows a great sport design. It projects a very small lightweight agile car. It also conveys simplicity and fun.

Dan McNeil v2 25 February 2010

Re: AC's radical magnesium chassis

tannedbaldhead wrote:

Challenger440 wrote:
3 litre Essex if I recall correctly.


You recall perfectly.

AC 3000ME

Grumbly, rumbly Essex. If a V6 could ever be said to sound and feel like a V8, then this was it. The worst handling car I ever had (for all of two weeks before I wrote it off) was a Mark 3 Capri 3000S. But it sounded wonderful, by God.