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Loma upgrades the US supercar for the Essen motor show

Corvette’s C6 has been upgraded by German tuner Loma Performance.

Loma’s C6 Blackforce One uses a twin-turbo V8 engine, tuned to produce 783bhp. A special carbonfibre clutch has been fitted, while carbonfibre driveshafts, sports exhaust system and a rebuilt gearbox also feature.

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The car can get from 0-62mph in 3.4sec and go on to reach a top speed of 205mph. Carbon-ceramic brakes have been added to boost its stopping power and it is fitted with 20-inch OZ wheels.

Loma has also added a host of exterior and interior styling changes. Carbonfibre is used for the wheel arches, front lip spoiler and rear diffuser and it has been equipped with daytime running lights.

Inside, it gets Alcantara trim on the doors and steering wheel, and customers can choose from more than 300 different types of leather for the seats.

Production will be limited to 25 units, with prices starting from 190,000 euros (£173,000). It will be launched at the Essen motor show this weekend.

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Peter Cavellini 30 November 2009

Re: 783bhp Corvette C6 launched

Well if it's the best car on the planet, how come it's not made in righthand drive?, all cars of this ilk are made in left and righthand drive except for the Corvette!,what's the problem?

shomann 29 November 2009

Re: 783bhp Corvette C6 launched

Looks wicked! But if I had that kind of money, I'd just buy a ZR1.

Hell, I wish I could afford a base model Vette. Still the best sports car value on the planet.

Peter Cavellini 29 November 2009

Re: 783bhp Corvette C6 launched

Jackjflash, i heartily concur too your opinions, and i do sort of agree too your opinions on JC,my other opinion on Clarksons driving is that he sometimes drives like his opinion by which i mean if he doesn't like it, it's thrown round the track like it's the cars fault, when the Stig drove it(admittedly a far more talented RACING driver) it was a different car in his hands, talent taming the beast? i don't know.On public roads none of us will ever drive like this, yes the Corvette may have superior performance, but,but, it's so crappily made, no quality, yes, i wouldn't pay £750 for matching seat belts,and yes i'd by the standard bogo car,the driving experience is what we're all after not how much exrta bling we add too it.