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Tuner JB Design launches madcap Lambo

This is the Lamborghini Murcielago LP-640 JB-R - tuned to 700bhp.

Modified by tuner JB Design, the power increase adds 69bhp to the standard car.

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For performance and styling reasons, it also has a modified underbody, and various spoilers designed to produce downforce and improve aerodynamics. The gearshift has also been switched to an F1-style rocker system.

Exterior changes also include extensive use of carbonfibre on the front and rear spoilers, rear diffuser, front air intake and side skirts.

Inside, modifications include the use of dark red suede, black leather and carbonfibre detailing. The windows and windscreen can also be tinted black.

The car can also painted in 'Blood to Black Diamond', a colour which JB Car Design has mixed itself, patented and limited to 911 litres worldwide. Oddly, JB doesn't specify how many litres of paint are required per car.

The total cost of all the modifications is £455,000. However, the demonstration car is currently up for sale for £325,000 - albeit still around £128k more than the standard car.

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