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German firm creates a new supercar based on the Bentley Continental Supersports coupe

German tuning company Wheelsandmore has revealed its new customised supercar, the Bentley Continental Ultrasports 702.

The Continental Ultrasports 702 is a reworked version of Bentley's Continental Supersports model. The car features a tweaked ECU and new stainless steel exhaust system to boost power to 692bhp, 71bhp more than the standard car. The modifications help the car to achieve a top speed of 209mph.

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Carbon-ceramic brakes are added to boost stopping power, while electronically adjustable suspension called 'LowMaXX' is also fitted. The Ultrasports 702 rides on custom-made 21-inch wheels equipped with Dunlop Sport Maxx tyres.

No pricing or on-sale dates have been released by Wheelsandmore.

Sarah Laughton

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lilianna 4 April 2014

Creating cars they call

Creating cars they call sporting when it is only a cosmetic exercise. How crass.
EA666 6 May 2010

Re: 692bhp Bentley Supersports

can't afford one...... oh well!

Peter Cavellini 6 May 2010

Re: 692bhp Bentley Supersports

As usual with tuning company's it a case of mine is bigger than yours, i mean come on, where on normal everyday roads are going to use all that horse power, it's just an expensive way to burn fuel!