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British tuner Project Kahn reveals upgraded Range Rover Sport
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16 February 2010

British tuning firm Project Kahn has upgraded the Range Rover Sport to produce 600bhp, 97bhp more than the 5.0-litre supercharged V8 engine puts out in standard form.

Kahn has fitted a 10-piece body kit to the Sport, while also colour coding all of its trim and fitting a sports exhausts system that emits a “deep rumble”. Other exterior styling changes include new 22-inch alloy wheels.

See the Project Kahn RS600 pics

Kahn has added a quilted leather material to the front and rear seats, glovebox and dashboard. Special stitching has been included on the leather steering wheel and gear selector. Other interior upgrades include electric blue dials.

Kahn hasn’t revealed pricing for its RS600 upgrade package, but expect a significant increase over the standard 5.0-litre V8 Sport’s £63,295 price tag.

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16 February 2010


I thought it was quick in its 500hp standered form=].

I hope it stays under the cayenne turbos 75k price=]

16 February 2010

[quote jimie]I hope it stays under the cayenne turbos 75k price=][/quote]

Why, are you planning on buying one?

16 February 2010

mmmm, tasteful.

16 February 2010

...appearing soon at a Premiership training ground near you.

16 February 2010

It's no coincidence that the tree got in the way. Even the most orange of tuners - Kahn of Peckham and Chelmsford - must have a sense of how grotesque is this mutilation.

The manufacturer’s original is vulgar enough, so it’s almost worthy of respect that Kahn has managed to educe more vomit with its abuse of the original.

At this rate, what with the persistent articles about grody tuners, and the forum tossed to pieces by a couple of you-know-whats, very soon, I doubt Autocar will be left with many readers over and above some spotty graffiti perverts and John McToon.

16 February 2010

This should sell like hot cakes in Cheshire.

Probably the most tasteless car available today and takes a respectable machine and turns it into a symbol of absolute hate.

The only remotely interesting part is the engine upgrade, but the body styling (in uber chavvy white) is vile.

16 February 2010


16 February 2010

Why anyone would want the name of their local curry house written across the bonnet of their car is beyond me. Have for years seen Kahn's ads for "Project Kahn" this and that with hideous wheels and styling and thought it has to pass. Clearly not. What happened to subtly turning ordinary cars into performance machines. Remember being all excited about the Brabus E-V12 which looked like a regular E-class to most people.

16 February 2010

I like very much Range Rover, but what's the point of a such powerful SUV??? It isn't a supersport car.

16 February 2010

[quote VirginPower]I doubt Autocar will be left with many readers over and above some spotty graffiti perverts and John McToon.[/quote]

I resemble that remark.



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