Montecarlo Automobile creates 5.4 litre V12 Rascasse supercar
26 June 2013

Montecarlo Automobile, Monaco’s first car manufacturer, has revealed a new supercar named the Rascasse.

Named after the well-known corner of the Monaco Grand Prix circuit, the Rascasse is reported to deliver 500bhp from its mid-mounted, 5.4 litre V12 sourced from the Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph. It can run on both petrol and hydrogen-enriched LPG.

The supercar will feature a removable roof panel, and will be built in a limited run of 15 units, each priced from £425,000. The interior of the Rascasse is decorated with wood trim, inspired by luxury speedboats. Its exterior styling takes inspiration from the Ferrari Enzo, F40 and F50.

Montecarlo Automobile is also planning a more powerful version of the Rascasse which will use a hybrid system, four-wheel drive and supercharging.

Will Palmer

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26 June 2013

Compared with Bugatti, Koenissegg and Pagani and so much more exclusive. Coolest interior ever

Aussie Rob - a view from down under

26 June 2013

Ghastly, tasteless and not really very powerful. Shut lines scream kit car.



26 June 2013

I understand the idea of the interior and I like it but a modern generic looking sports car on the outside with a retro interior does not work.  Looks like a Ferrari with a customised interior commissioned by some rich billionaire.

26 June 2013

This thing looks fantastic, so much better than most of the stuff coming out of Maranello these days.  Not too sure about the "boat-like" interior, but then it does come from Monaco!

Bearing in mind what the roads around Monaco are like I wonder where they tested it!

Oh, and if "shutlines scream kit car", well, this is the first "kit car" I have ever seen that I would really love to own.

26 June 2013

I'm sure even the super-rich are now becoming a bit bored with the endless procession of "exotica" that are beginning to look all the same ...

As Leslie Brook says, it looks like a kit car from the outside and that interior looks like a speedboat from the 50's (unless that was the design team's intention) complete with "futuristic" dashboard and blankets covering the worn patches on the seats ...

26 June 2013

Why that engine?


26 June 2013

Pretty car, cant believe it is actually built in Monaco...the whole place is only approx 1 square mile - no room for a factory!

I hate to think what damage those exquisite planks of Riva wood would do to you in the event of a shunt....still I suppose since any accident in Monaco is likely to be below 30 mph it shouldnt be too much of a problem!

26 June 2013

Lets hope it sells ONLY in Country of origin, that is one ugly car.

Peter Cavellini.

26 June 2013

And who writes this stuff?


"Montecarlo Automobile is a car manufacturer which has produced race and street legal car on the top of vanguard since foundation in 1983 in Principality of Monaco by the engineer Fulvio Maria Ballabio who has beenIndyCar Series and Offshore pilot. The royalty of Principality of Monaco has been closed to Montecarlo Automobile plans since its foundation.

"Montecarlo Automobile began manufacturing the first street legal GT car in the world totally manufacted in carbon fiber powered by Lamborghini engine named " Centenaire " and the spider street legal car named "Beau Rivage"."

26 June 2013

Darren Moss wrote:

, 5.4 litre V12 sourced from the Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph. It can run on both petrol and hydrogen-enriched LPG.

I thought they stopped making the Silver Seraph about 10 years ago, are they fitting used engines? Assuming they are new engines, isn't it a bit disingenous to claim they are Rolls Royce sourced engines, when RR get them from BMW in the first place.



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