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200bhp version of the 308 goes on sale in the UK this month

Peugeot is to start selling a 197bhp version of its five-door 308 hatchback in the UK later this month.

Priced at £21,995 and called the GT THP 200 (after the engine's metric horsepower figure), the model has been built to celebrate 200 years of the Peugeot brand.

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A ‘GTI’ version of the 308 was launched in May and while Peugeot said it wouldn’t be coming to the UK, the new GT THP 200 is in effect the same car.

It comes with Peugeot’s turbocharged 197bhp, 1.6-litre petrol engine, shared with the new RCZ, and sends power to the front wheels through a six-speed manual gearbox.

CO2 emissions are rated at 159g/km, while the combined fuel economy is 41mpg.

A revised suspension systems lowers the car by 10mm. The 200 THP also gets a styling upgrade over the standard 308 with a rear spoiler, twin chrome rear exhaust pipes, and ‘GT’ badges on the side and rear of the body.

Inside there will be a leather sports steering wheel, and the pedals, footrests and gear knob will be finished in aluminium.

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Peter Cavellini 30 July 2010

Re: 308 ‘GTI’ on sale in UK

Do you think they'll do a stripped out "Rallye" version, because this market driven tank just isn't what the Peugeot GTI fan will want, will they?.

VicciV 30 July 2010

Re: 308 ‘GTI’ on sale in UK

Well, that's in your opinion. For me, the 406 coupe is hideously ugly with it's slitty-eyed long bonnet early 90's look. Even the saloon looks more graceful. Forget that it was done by a famous design house.

Flash Harry wrote:

It is still ugly and behind the rest in every way.The 406 coupe was the last good looking Peugeot.its a shame most French cars nowadays are either very bland,Renault, or very ugly,Peugeot.Citroen better but thats faint praise!!

308 looks great to me.

Peter Cavellini 15 July 2010

Re: 308 ‘GTI’ on sale in UK

And they're thinking of using the 309 moniker for it!?