Ultimate version of two-seater will take AMG's 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 to its limit, as new prototypes are seen testing
Tom Morgan, deputy digital editor
14 August 2019

Mercedes-AMG is well into developing the swansong for the GT range - the Black Series - ahead of its launch next year. 

New images of a prototype testing at the Nürburgring show an adapted GT R bodyshell with new bonnet vents necessary to cool the heavily tuned twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8, which is mooted by insiders to put out up to 680bhp. 

There's also a massive, race-inspired fixed rear wing that dwarfs even that of the GT R. It suggests that unlike previous Black Series models, which have a reputation for unruly cornering behaviour, there will be a focus on keeping all that power locked to the asphalt through aerodynamic downforce. 

The future range-topping coupé will be beaten in acceleration terms only by the limited-run AMG One hypercar when it arrives in mid-2020, AMG boss Tobias Moers confirmed to Autocar at the New York motor show.

Moers said: “It will be the fastest AMG yet, bar the One. Not in terms of top speed, but lap times.

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“Driveability is most important but, with balance, it gets good lap times too.”

Currently, the most powerful iteration of the 4.0-litre V8 is found the GT 63 4-door Coupé, where it makes 630bhp. The expected pushing of the envelop to 680bhp would ensure the Black Series easily surpasses the peak output offered by the 577bhp GT R and GT R Pro.

It would also edge it towards one of the category's most radical supercars, the 690bhp Porsche 911 GT2 RS. According to Moers, the Black Series will be “great competition with our close neighbour.”

The GT Black Series' extra grunt will be accompanied by a more focused chassis and aerodynamic setup, which may go even further than the track-focused GT R Pro. That car was designed with uprated suspension and aerodynamic upgrades but received no extra power over the regular GT R.

Such a setup should ensure the GT Black Series tips the scales at around 1575kg, in line with or slightly less than the GT R Pro. 

The 2020 arrival of the GT Black Series will mark a return for AMG's most extreme moniker after a seven-year hiatus. The last Black Series model was based on the SLS and entered production in 2013.

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31 August 2017

This would be too fast to enjoy extending it on public roads.  It may offer some pleasures at 5 tenths, but really you have to be someone who is content to drive it to a track day, toast the tires and limp home.  I would rather have a towing rig and a proper racing car, which may not have as much grunt, but could offer more excitement through being so different from a road car.  You could start with a Lotus 11, which would be cheaper, hold value better, and get you into prestigious events if you were so inclined.  But of course the AMG would pull better at Stringfellow’s.

31 August 2017
Completely agree with 275. If you want to go to a track, but a proper track car.

Road cars do not make good track cars, and vice versa. They are far too far apart to share useful common ground, and end up being useless at both.

The sooner the motoring press in particular stops obsessing about irrelevant ring times, the quicker cars can start being fun to drive on the road again.

12 March 2018

How about 200 lbs for a starter? Could that be achievable MB AMG?

17 April 2019

 Bit of an obvious statement really, bit like my cars faster than yours, so, it may well be slower than their 2020 hyper car, but it’s faster than the opposition is what they’re really saying....

17 April 2019

But that begs the question; What is enough power/speed for the highway? Fiesta St, Golf R, GT3, what's the sweet spot?

18 April 2019

I am waiting for AMG GT R Black Series Pro Plus.

18 April 2019

a niche, within a niche, within a niche.  even as a car enthusiast these variations are becoming confusing.  as previous posters have said.  if you want a track car, get a track car.  in the real world a 200bhp hot hatch is enough for road driving with avg speed cameras everywhere and the dashcam generation that cant wait to upload their footage to plod just because they didnt like to be overtaken

18 April 2019

There is a whole 'nother market(s) where speed is allowed, speed cameras don't exist (or aren't really loked at) and the population have plenty of money to indulge in several cars like this. In europe plenty of spare time for a track day instead of a round of golf etc etc.

18 April 2019
In my case I have a 240bhp 1180kg mx5 which is great for b roads, so I would say a 350bhp alpine a110 would be perfect , bit extra but not too much power or weight or width .

6 May 2019

  If money was no object, if you could buy the Car you want, what would we buy?, I’ll start, I’d have a Lamborghini Huracan.....


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