Updated rival to Volkswagen Passat will arrive on British roads in the summer

Mazda has confirmed that its refreshed 6 saloon and Tourer models are priced from £23,045 and £23,975 respectively, with first UK deliveries due this summer.

Those prices are for cars equipped with the 143bhp 2.0-litre petrol motor, Mazda's naturally aspirated Skyactiv-G unit. At launch, buyers are also offered a Skyactiv-D unit, a 2.2-litre diesel with 148bhp, with prices starting from £25,445. More engine specifications will be offered at a later date (see below).

The latest 6, first shown at the LA motor show in December last year, is a rival to the Volkswagen PassatBoth bodystyles (pictured below) get new chassis settings that Mazda claims will make them handle better and be more comfortable to drive. 

The car gets revised spring rates, adjusted suspension geometry and extra chassis braces to improve rigidity. Engineers have also equipped the car with a rigid-mounted steering column to enhance its responsiveness.

These changes are said to reduce vibrations that make their way into the cabin, decrease harshness when rolling over changing surfaces and give the car a more supple ride. Engineers have also dialled out understeer and given the 6 a more neutral set-up.

Inside, a new 7.0in TFT instrument cluster is offered in higher-spec models, while the centre console gets an 8.0in touchscreen. This screen can display a 360deg view of the car. The design of the interior itself is almost all new.

As part of the changes to improve comfort, Mazda also offers the 6 with ventilated seats that feature more supportive foam. Nappa leather is available on top-spec models.

Exterior design changes are limited to a new grille with thicker framework, new LED headlights and new wheels, which come in 17in or 19in forms. Mazda has also added Soul Red Crystal paint to the 6’s palette options for the first time.

UK buyers can choose from manual or automatic gearboxes and will soon be offered more engine variants. A 163bhp version of the 2.0-litre petrol will be added, as well as a 2.5-litre Skyactiv-G petrol unit providing 191bhp. The diesel range will also grow with the addition of a 181bhp version of the 2.2-litre unit.

The new pricing for the 6 saloon and 6 Tourer equates to respective increases of £2750 and £200 on the outgoing versions. Autocar is awaiting comment from Mazda regarding the price difference, but it is thought that the jump, particularly for the saloon, is attributed to the 6's more premium specifications list and enhanced driving dynamics.

This upward pricing trend is expected elsewhere in the range, with the 2019 Mazda 3, which was previewed by the striking Kai concept recently, predicted to go up against more expensive rivals than the current car. Mazda is also seeking to take the lead with combustion engine efficiency across its range – it is currently developing new Skyactiv technology that it claims can boost engine efficiency by up to 30%.

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Mazda 6

The Mazda 6 is a Ford Mondeo rival with rakish styling and lightweight, low-emissions tech

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30 November 2017

I had two and I am tempted back especially in the new RED colour. The improvements are typical Mazda, well engineered and clear improvement. This car is without doubt the best value for money in the segment. The Passat CC is more pretty perhaps, but the price differential is then quite considerable. I hope that in Russia we might get the 2.5 petrol turbo for that extra zoom zoom - its worth it. Craftsmanship and 100% total reliability on previous 2 models makes me put them back on the options list

what's life without imagination

30 November 2017

to enventually replace my Passat estate. It'll be a used one though. Do other Mazdas suffer with rust or is that just MX5s?

30 November 2017

Can't speak for all Mazdas but a junior member of my family has an eight year old Mazda 3. It's a much abused car and I believe it gets cleaned once a year, just before It's MOT. It has just passed the MOT with no advisories and the tester says it has no signs of rust, just like the vast majority of Mazdas he has tested.

Must say this revised 6 looked very good in metallic red and if I was looking to buy a car in this category it would make my shortlist.

30 November 2017

A lovely flowing design. Looks great from every angle and have done now for years. Take note Toyota/Lexus. This is what an attractive modern saloon looks like. Not the disaster of creases, odd angles and strange shapes you use. 

30 November 2017

2018 model and still no Car Play or Android Auto. I would consider a Mazda but not without this functionality.

Toyota are just as bad - I wonder how many sales they are losing between them.

30 November 2017

Unless I'm mistaken, this is either the second or third facelift of the current 6. Either way, it's still a great looking design. Whether it'll be replaced in the UK or not though is a different matter as non-premium Japanese D-segment cars over here appear to be an endangered species with Nissan, Suzuki, Subaru, Honda and Mitsubishi no longing selling such cars while Toyota won't have a presence in this market in the UK once the current Avensis is no more. Only the premium offerings from Lexus and Infiniti still remain.

30 November 2017

Mazda are slowly gaining traction after being helf back by Ford for far too many years. This updated Mazda 6 seems much more desirable than the bland Passat! 

1 December 2017

Definitely the best looking car in its class, as it was before facelift, styling wise it wouldnt look out of place with a premium badge up front. Must admit I am a bit of a mazda fanboy of late due to their styling and the fact they have pursued naturally aspirated engines as opposed to tiny turbos. Unfortunately I'm not in the market for a new or nearly new car yet.

1 December 2017

is a handsome car inside and out. The best looking saloon out there

21 March 2018

These are significant changes - it's a major refresh even if the sheet metal is basically the same.  My sense is that it means Mazda will want this current version to last another 24 months, at least, when it's now - for a Japanese car - quite an aging design.  It will be interesting to see whether sales hold up; it's still a really nice design but prospective buyers do like to have something fresh looking, which this is no longer.  The starting price looks rather high, though.  Looking forward to reading the first road tests to see whether it is worth it.

The car-buying public gets what it deserves, unfortunately ...


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